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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

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Bills H.R.8 & H.R.1446 on the move in the House

Bit by bit. Look these up. They will affect everyone.

H.R.8 and H.R.1446 are two bills being rammed through the House. HR8 would ban private sales of firearms (with few exceptions). HR 1446 would indefinitely delay firearms transfers that are delayed by NICS more than 3 days.

CRP Burn

Can someone reccomend a contractor to burn my CRP?
Davis and Monroe County

Arborist in SE Iowa

Can anyone recommend an arborist in Southeast Iowa? I have a maple tree in my yard that has developed a long split in the bark that I would like to have someone tell me if its going to be an issue or not.

Lyme Disease shot

BearCreek Habitat Plan

I have gained a lot of knowledge from this site regarding habitat management so I thought I would attempt to give back by sharing my progress and plan. I purchased my property in late October of 2020. It is located in west central Illinois (about 25 minutes of southeast of Keokuk, Iowa.) The property is almost 200 acres and consists of 60 acres of tillable ground, the rest in pasture and timber (mostly pasture). There won't be any cattle on the property so the pasture and timber is all fair game for habitat improvements. Much of the property is low lying and subject to temporary flooding.
I had a habitat plan created by Land & Legacy (which I would highly recommend) and I was able to start implementing it in January. I was also able to hunt the property last season to observe deer usage.
The first item of business was marking trees for release. I am now in the process of releasing them by felling, girdling, and hinging trees to allow the canopy of the crop trees to expand. Based on the make up of my property I have prioritized trees as follows: White Oak, Swamp White Oak/Bur, Mulberry, Persimmon, Red Oak, Pin, Shingle. I am not managing for timber value. I have also cleared trees and brush from fire breaks. I have a variety of shrubs and trees coming from MDC and IL DNR that are native to my area and are absent or underrepresented in the landscape.
Some of my takeaways from the work and observations so far:

-Be careful when marking trees after leaf drop as a few species are easy to confuse.
-Running a chainsaw in snow and muddy conditions is not advised, especially on slopes. Gaiters are a great investment. A pole saw can be helpful in cutting trees when the felling or hinging did not go as planned. Wear your safety equipment and make sure you know what you are doing. The MS261 is a great chainsaw.
-When the polar vortex hit, trail cam photos were almost non-existent. The deer on my property left and went to neighbor's farm that had standing soybeans.
-I have piles of Red Oak acorns on the ground that appear untouched which has me questioning if I should not move that tree down the priority list as I observed deer gorging on pin oak acorns.
-Trail Cam photos would also suggest that Turkey left my property in December.

I am attaching a photo of an area that is completely overrun with Reed Canary Grass. This area will be burned this month and treated with appropriate herbicides in the future.
Feel free to ask any questions or offer critiques. Thanks for following along.

Spring Snows 2021

Looks like the weather is finally breaking here in Iowa I’ll be putting a few days in this week chasing the white devils. Figured I’d start a thread for people to share their success and head shakes... mostly head shakes. Good luck this spring.

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Dead raccoons

Did some shed hunting this weekend, and found 4 dead raccoons around the trunks of den trees... Anyone know why this might be? Disease? Fighting?

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