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Old 11-27-2002, 11:58 PM   #21
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Default Re: The deer keep smelling me!!!!

I've also found that 15' is not enough. I now go higher, 18 to 25 is working much better.
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Default Re: The deer keep smelling me!!!!

I think by buying that stuff you are throwing you money away. I used to go as far as you had with the H.S. scent away. I would store my stuff in a container too. I finally got sick of throwing so much money away, and the hassle in doing it, that i decided to go all natural. I just wash my clothes with the Scent away and then a hang dry my clothes outside for about 2 days. every since i kept my clothes outside, i have not been smelt once!!!
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Old 11-29-2002, 03:41 PM   #23
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Default Re: The deer keep smelling me!!!!

Hello Jason,

Definately play the wind, if you don't, you may win one day but the whitetail will undoubtedly win the season!

However, I'd still take ample precaution against getting busted when the inevitable deer -- or two dozen -- do drift downwind of your stand!

I will say this and you can take from it what you want. This system works very well for me.

A scent-loc liner suit (or, scent blocker, cabela's, etc.,)is an invaluable piece of gear. After using one for 5 years, I will say this: I would rather save $140 on a new bow, clothes, binoculars, or whatever else and put that money on a scent lock suit versus not having one. Keep it off the skin and over most of your outer clothes to maximize odor lock and minimize times to recharge.

Shower with any unscented soap.

Toss baking soda in your hair immediately before a hunt and gargle with some too.

Use unscented anti-perspirant. Always avoid sweating when walking to stand. Take a daypack with outer layers if needed and walk in wearing less clothing.

Keep clothes as clean as possible. Wash every 3 -5 hunts or so and store in sealed plastic bags or tubs.

Use a scent-reducing spray on outerware before heading afield.

Use long rubber boots with pants tucked into boot top for walk to stand. Untuck pants and drape scent lock liner suit over boot top when get to stand to filter boot odor through suit.

Slow metabolism when deer are close by and keep mouth closed at all costs.

Place stands at least 18 feet up if possible. Only hunt areas where very few, if any deer, are likely to be downwind of you at any time.

Always, always, always hose or completely scrub down rubber boots each and every time before a hunt and never wear in a vehicle! This is a HUGE factor that I picked up on several years ago and since I've been doing it my success rate has gone much higher. Rubber boots hold plenty of scent! They must be washed every time or many deer will spook at your scent trail, and over time, deer will deciphor your stand location and get nervous of the area. My lab taught me this and so did a 140 inch buck 5 years ago! Washing down the rubber boots each time I feel is paramount to success! I can take a brand new arrow, touch the plastic fletching, shoot it under the grass, and my lab will find it from my lone finger print! How much more scent do you suppose rubber boots carry?

I always use Tide perfume and dye free detergent on my clothes and it works well.

I always dry my clothes in the dryer (yes, in the dryer!) As long as you've conned the Mrs. into using scent free soap in all the wash and no dryer sheets, then using a dryer is fine in my opinion. It's just a metal box with a vent to the outside. If I had to rely on air drying them outside, I'd go a long time without hunting in these parts, at this time of year! I actually have come to believe the dryer is best anyway, how much car and chimny "exhaust" is drifting through the air no adays, along with other airborne odors like perfume, etc.? I don't really want my clothes hanging on the line absorbing that stuff.

You do all of these preparations and on days in which you've just washed all of your hunting clothes and not sweated -- you can bet that very few downwind deer will detect you! Still play the wind -- the advantage will be on your side!

Again, this is just the system that works for me. Just thought I'd share. None of this stuff is expensive (outside of the scent-lock suit) but I do admit it gets to be a pain. However, it is a necessary pain in my book!

Good Hunting! Raven
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