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Iowawhitetail forums

Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

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Bergara B-14 Wilderness Ridge 300 Winchester Magnum

Hey everyone! I’m selling my Bergara B-14 Wildneress Ridge in 300 Winchester Magnum. I’m now sponsored by Savage Arms and can no longer use the rifle to hunt, so, I’m looking to sell it and buy a scope for my new rifle.

What comes with it...
120rd (maybe more, I’ll have to check) of Hornady Precision Hunter ELD-X 200gr in 300 Win Mag.
40rds of “other” 300 Win Mag ammo
Vortex PST Gen 1 6-24x50mm Scope
Vortex Precision Match Rings
Leupold 20MOA Rail
Bipod and carry strap.

$2,000 for entire setup, TSA on the trip home from Alaska messed up the barrel a little bit, but, functionality speaking it’s perfect. Less than 100 rounds through the gun.

% of old bucks that make BC....

Wondering what based on your guys experience over the years would you say the percentage of bucks that you typically have or know of on your farms that are 5 years old plus that end up being at or somewhere close to Boone.
The farm I have in west central IL (good soil, great habitat, food plots year round, river, etc...) that I’m going on our 4th season now has had one buck that I think was close to or at that level that we did not harvest. All four years though we’ve had and killed what I consider to be a fair number of 5+ old bucks. We’ve killed two 7.5yr olds, an 8.5 year old, a 6.5 yr old and two 4.5 year olds (we send all our bucks front teeth in for cementum annuli testing)
The biggest scoring wise was one of the 4.5 yr olds at like 158”
Not sure whether to be a little disappointed overall or not. Obviously we are blessed to be able to hunt old deer and I absolutely love it don’t get me wrong, but when you have land in premier areas of the country you hope to have a Booner roaming your ground occasionally.

Got to love it

Got to love PA, billboard on major highway :)


Potential new World Record Non- Typical

This buck was harvested Free Range in Kansas tonight in the early black powder season.

Favorite antler characteristics

Just wondering what are your favorite antler characteristics are on a mature buck. I've been day dreaming in anticipation and have a couple options this year.

My #1 favorite is MASS, and lots of it.
#2 would be a gnarly non-typical.
#3 would be double drop tines.
#4 would be a big clean typical 10 point.
#5 would be double main beams.
#6 would be a wide racked buck.

Skip's bow buck

What an animal..


Wondering how many of you load up on bagged fertilizer on year end clearance?
Just saw some 10-10-10 40lb bags go on sale for$6 a bag, thought about grabbing 20 bags...

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