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Iowawhitetail.com - Iowa's information resource for whitetail deer.

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What types of farm equipment is needed to plant on a farm

if someone is planting wheat and oats, and corn? the land is in iowa. the owners used to do most of the work themselves without the help of sophisicated equipment, but due to health issues, equipment will now be needed. thank you

Expensive shed find

Tractor found this one planting corn

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Where does it stop?

A new bill to introduce the legal use of AR-15's during a special January antlerless season.

Lessening of the fine for killing an antlerless deer without the proper tag requirements.

This is where Iowa is headed, down hill.

2022 Idaho Bear Success - Two Bears!

I posted other pictures in my hunting adventures, but, here’s the YouTube video!

Idaho Bear Hunting 2022 - Two Bear Success!

Foodplot tractor

*if wrong forum please move

I have no foodplot experience. But, have been watching a lot of youtube and reading. I want to get for sure one clover plot going starting this summer. And then in the future add a few more.

I've started looking at small tractors etc. Do you think a John Deere 1025 is okay for only doing a few acres? Less than 10 for sure. Realistically maybe 3-4 acres total. Would like to get a small disc, culti-packer, brush hog, etc.

This summer maybe I'll just see about renting equipment or seeing if farmer could help me out. I'd really like to do the work myself though and think that having a little tractor to do stuff would be a blast.

Hunting blind

Hunting blind

Hunting blind for sale

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BearCreek wrote on SB3's profile.

I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it was from an area you cleared of pines and there was a dog in the picture (Lab I believe.) I was wondering what variety of clover was in that plot, seemed to be very upright and large leafed.
BARON SEAL wrote on IowaBowHunter1983's profile.
Hey! did you build the gravity wagon deer blind? if so could you give me some dimensions of it, please?
blakesburg wrote on Darrin's profile.
If you still have Mossberg for sale I will come get it this weekend. If not before. Thinking of getting my 13 year old a Shotgun instead of having him shoot my muzzleloader

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