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Always enjoy videos of velvet buck this time of year and thought I'd share with fellow whitetail enthusiast. So far this is the best buck on cam but as you all know by the end of October you never know what will show up.

Diesel treatment

I assume many of you have a similar situation to me in regards to their tractor use.
I use my tractor about 20 or 30 hours a year. I try to keep the fuel tank full after every use to prevent as much condensation as possible. I also have 10 gallons of diesel sitting in 2- 5 gallon containers.
The containers were filled about 2 months ago.
I was just wondering what, if anything, people are doing to stabilize the diesel, and prevent water and algae from causing problems. Do you use any biocide, or just use one of the diesel additives like Power Service silver bottle, seafoam, etc, in either the tractor, or the 5 gallon tanks? I'm trying to prevent problems from old fuel.
I might burn 4 or 5 gallons a month in my tractor, which means, in my 14.5 gallon tank, although I'll fill it each time, there's older fuel getting added to, diluted, but the older fuel might be 5 or 6 months old i suspect.
In the winter months, i basically stop using my tractor in October and start using it again in March, so there's a 6 month stretch the fuel just sits in the tank.
What do others do, not do, in this case?

Human Scent

This will be my first actual thread post. I started bow hunting later in life and have been at it for the past 9 years or so (and love it!!). Along the way I have gotten a lot of data from podcasts, magazines, forums, etc and always find it interesting to hear different points of view based on people’s experience.

I want to throw out a couple hypotheticals and get your opinions and thoughts. I know there are a bunch of different variables that play into getting winded but am trying to establish some more understanding of how long it takes for a person’s scent to dissipate enough to not cause alarm. This is not an actual hunting setup so don’t give me the “I’d never set up like that” line..that’s not what I’m asking. There is also a lot of leeway here based on your individual setups and scent control regimens too so if you feel a certain way because you do A,B, and C that would be great to know too.
  1. If you were sitting in a hang on stand 20 ft up on a field edge mid-day with minimal humidity and had a constant 10 mph wind blowing directly out into a flat picked cornfield. How far out directly downwind do you think deer (3.5+ yr old) would have to be not to spook?
  2. The same question with the wind going the opposite direction into the mature hardwood stand (flat)?

Appreciate any responses!

Saddle Kit

I am looking for a saddle kit. If anyone has one, any brand for sale let me know.


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Sharpening Broadheads and Replacement Blades

I’ve put off starting this thread for some time but I sharpened a IW that was a pass through and buried in the dirt so I took pics to write up a thread. Many friends have asked myself how to do it and I show them so I wanted to share it here! The trick is to get a even burr that keeps rolling as you go through the different courses of grit. I sharpen my blades through at least four different courses of grit either sandpaper,stones, diamond stones and then a leather strop.


On this blade I used sand paper and it’s the least expensive way to go and produce the same results as the more expensive stones.

Normally I use a two sided diamond file and a dual Japanese wet stone and a leather strop.


I have two different blade holders the left one is a KME jig and is adjustable to fit all heads and blades and the right one is a Stay Shape jig and it’s the least expensive one of the two and around 25$. The KME is adjustable for all blades and the Stay Sharp you need to order the jig for the blade or Broadhead you are using.


The burr will develop quick and always start with lower number grit I started with 320 then 400 then 800 and finished with 1000 grit. Instead of using my leather strop the back of a cracker works very well also so I’m using it today as well. One thing I’ll note is I’ve never sharpened Stainless blades only steel but people report good results.

The edge is marked with a Sharpie to make sure the edge is even while honing if not readjust the blade.


Once you get a burr and it only takes 5-6 strokes to develop a burr then do the same with each number of grit till you reach the highest number you have. Where most fail is they only use one degree of grit and they keep hammering away constantly moving the burr to each side and that just wastes material and they never achieve the sharpness they want. The burr will be less noticeable as you move to each finer grit but it’s still present. Once your through all the grits the leather strop or the cardboard box will remove the burr and if done correctly it should be close to scalpel sharp.


I’m sharpening a Iron Will today and it has 16 edges to sharpen and takes me about 30-40 minutes to do the blade and bleeders.


The blade is hair cutting sharp after the steps and ready to kill! I like the piece of mind!


All sharpened up and will get the first opportunity this fall.


I’ve cut myself with a scalpel many times and it doesn’t hurt as much as a dull knife. A super sharp edge will hemorrhage more which should be our goal to kill the animal we are hunting and kill as humanely as possible!

With many Broadhead companies are now outsourcing to the ChiComms for their profits margins so are your blades as sharp as the should be or once was before they went overseas??? Test them and if not now is the time to sharpen them. If any questions post away as I’m sure I’ve missed something.

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What do you think of these Liquid Calcium products

I have low PH and don't have a way to put Ag Lime down, and have used the pelletized lime like 98Cal or 98G in the past but at $9-10 for 50 lbs bags costly and time consuming.

I have been looking at some of the different options out there for raising PH like the liquid calcium products below.

What are your thoughts and has anyone tried any of these?

Plot Start

Genesis 3 No-Till Drill

For sale a slightly used 3 point Genesis 3 no till drill. I bought this as a demo unit and have owned for just over a year (bought in spring 2021 and planted spring 2021 and 2022). It should have around 12-14 acres of use is all. I am going up to a larger drill since I have a large enough tractor to handle it. I can send you pictures but will need to wash it first, I store it in an old dusty barn. Looking online, it appears these are selling for about $10,400 new, will sell mine for $9,000. I will be trading mine off at the dealer in a few days if it doesn't sell here.

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I found a post in which you shared a picture of a clover plot, I believe May of 2020, it was from an area you cleared of pines and there was a dog in the picture (Lab I believe.) I was wondering what variety of clover was in that plot, seemed to be very upright and large leafed.
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Hey! did you build the gravity wagon deer blind? if so could you give me some dimensions of it, please?
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If you still have Mossberg for sale I will come get it this weekend. If not before. Thinking of getting my 13 year old a Shotgun instead of having him shoot my muzzleloader

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