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    Best Alfalfa Variety For Deer

    I've got 5 acres of alfalfa I put up in small squares, for the wife's horses, I've been getting seed from welter, deer love it , very little winter kill, good tonnage, super folks to deal with
  2. Copenhagen Tob

    Feed deer

    Anyone have a recommendation on a feeder for corn/ pelletized feed . One that can be programmed with a spinner, not gravity
  3. Copenhagen Tob

    Skip’s Trapping School! Sign up now!!! :)

    Careful, trapping yotes is very addictive. Nice job.
  4. Copenhagen Tob

    “Moose” with my muzzy

    That's nuts, unbelievably tough critters
  5. Copenhagen Tob

    Welcome to my home, birds.

    That's awesome, their gonna be great pets
  6. Copenhagen Tob

    Feed deer

    Put 5 alfalfa bales out, didn't take em long to hone in on em
  7. Copenhagen Tob

    “Moose” with my muzzy

    Congrats on the old warrior, some of these bucks sure found out how to survive to a ripe old age
  8. Copenhagen Tob

    Ended the year with a BANG

    Congrats, nice animal
  9. Copenhagen Tob


    Hardwood was right about them being everywhere in Northern MN. I brought home a bunch and transplanted in my creek bank curious to see how they overwinter
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    Gray fox

    I caught a nice male by accident in a 220 conibear on a coon trail in Dubuque co 30 years ago had him mounted. Ten years later i saw a gray cross the road within a 100 yds of the catch. That's the last sighting I've had around here since. Had an old neighbor when i was a young grass hopper that...
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    Bear hunter from PA

    Whoa, that's a nice bear
  12. Copenhagen Tob

    Wife’s Nov 17th buck

    Great work, congrats
  13. Copenhagen Tob

    1st buck new farm!

    Wow, that's a great animal nice work
  14. Copenhagen Tob

    My Son Charlie shows Dad how it’s done!!!

    Great animal, congrats young man
  15. Copenhagen Tob

    11/26/23 Bow Success

    Well done, great animal
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