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  1. Sligh1

    Broadhead discussion

    I’ve shot- muzzy 3 blades in the “beginning”. As a kid. Lack of blood was a big problem. Since being a young pup I’ve shot: 2 wasps (really like 3 blade drone). Multiple Rage. Grim reaper. Ramcat. Few others. Tested dozens…. spent 1 winter in my basement doing my own tests…. Wood, bone...
  2. Sligh1

    Read this Facebook post, share it!!! IA sportsman club!!!

    Read and share guys!!!!! These guys are great. ISC & IBA will keep iowa great and this is so great to see!!! ACTION!!!!! There’s massive ACTION & massive amounts of WORK getting done right now. The days of talk are behind us. Thanks to all of you involved. & get involved if you’re not...
  3. Sligh1

    Highway 2 Monster!

    I’ve heard two “I’m 100% sure I know exactly where that buck is at”. Not that I care but it’s interesting to hear 2 absolutely certain takes…. 1) high fence out of teagues. Like above says. 2) Taylor county-ish. West of mt ayr for sure & somewhere Taylor. Dude explained but I honestly forget...
  4. Sligh1


    I did read it all, that’s great!!!! I cannot believe how good that shot is & lived that long. Never ends on amazement of how hard these rascals are to kill. Congrats on heck of a buck, Great story & ending!!!!
  5. Sligh1

    IL Archery Buck

    u guys are having a great season. Well deserved!!! Congrats on a dandy!!!!!!
  6. Sligh1

    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Prayers sent ishi.
  7. Sligh1

    EHD in Iowa's Deer Heard

    Great it’s getting attention!!!!!! 1) needs some of the funding that CWD gets!!!! Research & cures. 2) EHD is “new”. 1950’s first documented case in whitetail. Devastating to deer herds across Midwest - over & over. New strains have made way to iowa we have not seen before. Here’s a...
  8. Sligh1

    Jacob's 3rd Coues Buck

    Dream hunt!! That’s awesome scenery!! Congrats Jacob!!!
  9. Sligh1

    South of the border 160" chocolate 8 point

    That’s a great vid! A double & those both far bigger than anything I saw at your age. Congrats u 2!!
  10. Sligh1


    Congrats todd, great story & end to the bow season, congrats!!!!!
  11. Sligh1

    Pheasant rebound…

    It’s about 35 acres in CRP. It’s where everyone dozes everything out. It was farm ground that didn’t yield a ton to begin with & probably more profitable in CRP. I struggled in years past to have enjoyable or even close to quality pheasant hunting. What has happened in a couple years is...
  12. Sligh1

    Alex's 2nd archery deer

    Congrats Alex! That shot is money!!!! I’ll be getting some pointers from u as Charlie tries for first bow buck next season! Congrats on fantastic season for you guys!!!
  13. Sligh1

    Pheasant rebound…

    This one is towards NW part of state…. I don’t recall seeing quail up here. Down by me… S of dsm… tons of quail!!! Actually a lot of pheasants too. Kill the nest predators + habitat & it’s pretty nuts to see what bird #’s can do.
  14. Sligh1

    Pheasant rebound…

    Never seen anything like it. The natives filled in & like magic- the birds have filled in. Like, 5-10 years ago…. U might see a dozen birds in a few hours. Today…. Hundreds. 1 guy without a dog, limit in 15-20 mins. & usually I miss piles. So- thankful I can still hit things or have some...
  15. Sligh1

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Great time of year!! Happy TG!! We sure have lots to be thankful for being in iowa as well. Enjoy the time with family! We might chase some pheasants soon here & eat way too much turkey!!
  16. Sligh1

    Best Days - Second Half November?

    now!!!!!!! Good!!!! Week from now it’ll be slowed down a good bit. Go!!!!!
  17. Sligh1

    Crossbow question….

    100% agree. I absolutely think the massive killing clearly killed bucks off & reduced buck #’s. Simple math I absolutely agree with!!! I think Iowa’s decrease in age structure also follows/mirrors the reduction in population. I know some dudes in: MO, IA, IL, OH, Etc- chasing mammoths...
  18. Sligh1

    Late November Tactics

    I like the rut less every year!!! Get closer to food. Be in early for PM hunts. Stay late on AM hunts. Probably get a little closer to food in evenings as that starts taking priority again for the does that have been hiding for last 2 weeks. I think late Nov is great. Hit or miss. Some...
  19. Sligh1

    Crossbow question….

    on possibly another take…. take my MI or PA examples in high population areas. Or even MO… U can find tons of areas with massive deer populations…. Look out in fields of “50 deer” & it’s a handful of 1.5’s with a 2.5 on occasion. Those bucks got picked off one by one - day by day of a...
  20. Sligh1

    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Boo!! Worth the wait!! Awesome u guys!! Congratulations!!!!
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