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    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    That is heartbreaking Ishi, I pray that she will defeat this. Science has come a long way so there's always a reason to be hopeful. Bless all of you during hard times.
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    He's a beauty! Very symmetrical, love it, congrats.
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    IL Archery Buck

    Awesome buck, congrats!
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    Deer anatomy & recovery reminder pics/diagrams...

    I had a similar situation this year with the exception of the strips of fat, beds close together then no blood. Never could find him. I shot a buck years ago with a 7mm mag and I couldn't believe the fat hanging all over brush and trees, some 5' up on branches, crazy scene! Hope you find him...
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    Wow, great buck and story! That had to make Thanksgiving Thanksgiving!!!
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    South of the border 160" chocolate 8 point

    Great job on the video and 2 great buck. That chocolate 8 is magnificent, congrats to both of them for a job well done!
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    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I hate when that happens. Had two dogs messing with a hunt I had once in Illinois all week long. They were a real pain; they chased some deer my way one evening, fortunately a big doe stopped and looked back in front of me and didn't make another 20 yards.
  8. 203ntyp

    Jacob's 3rd Coues Buck

    Nice shooting Jacob! Love the pics, if that's a Coues buck at 11:00 he's a dandy!!!
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    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    It's been crazy as of Thanksgiving. Couple buddies scored in the mountains, both said bucks were chasing like crazy this past weekend. Here's a pic of a cool buck my buddy shot and one that went by one of the cams while I was eating turkey!
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    The Junker Buck

    That pic would be awesome in a hunting article.
  11. 203ntyp

    Alex's 2nd archery deer

    Great job Alex! Any nice fat solid 8 is an archery trophy, well done.
  12. 203ntyp

    The Junker Buck

    Awesome story and a great buck Curtis! Love the pic of you in the stand at full draw, what are the odds, very cool.....
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    1st Iowa bow tag punched in 27 years

    Stunning 8, great brows and frame. Congrats, hard work pays off!
  14. 203ntyp

    Pheasant rebound…

    That's awesome, I'm so envious!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a big buck!
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    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Awesome hunt and a dandy! Love the mass, congrats!!
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    1962: 500 lb Iowa deer

    Never weighed my biggest from Illinois, 203", neck was 34" around halfway down. The taxidermist out there said it probably dressed 260#+ and he's seen hundreds of big guys. I know his heart was enormous, filled both hands cupped.
  18. 203ntyp

    1962: 500 lb Iowa deer

    I agree, I think that guy isn't very tall. More like a 230# dressed which might mean the buck is closer to 300# live weight. Unless that guy is related to Andrew the Giant.
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    Messed up

    Yes, I know they like to circle back from where they came from, I did check that area thoroughly. I think the rut might have affected that theory? I hit one high and back years ago with a recurve, no blood and he went on another property. The owner wasn't home so the next day I got permission...
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    Views from Stand 2023-24

    Creek bottom flat, good corridor between bedding areas and two big hollows, about 80 to 100 yards wide and a half mile long.. Hard to hunt depending on the timing, does like to bed here and lock down in this location behind an abandon barn. Watched my target buck follow a doe out of there about...
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