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  1. sep0667

    We’re Asking for Prayers and Support

    Sorry to hear Ishi, prayers your way
  2. sep0667

    Broadhead discussion

    I've not experimented much. First few years hunting I didn't know a thing and shot a few different heads, but i doubt my bow was tuned etc. Those first few years mean nothing to me now in regards to if a broadhead was good or not. For probably 10 years or so now I have used rage. They fly...
  3. sep0667


    Perfect ending to a rough start. Bet that was a relief finding him right away the next morning
  4. sep0667

    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Beautiful buck, what an exciting morning, congrats
  5. sep0667

    Hunter Internet comments that drive me INSANE!!!!

    Agree 100%, especially if the "if its legal its all good". Hate that comment. Whats next, legalize hand grenades and landmines? Then when that shooter buck just wont come out of that brush you can just toss a grenade over, its 'legal its all good". Or danngit, that nice buck just wont come out...
  6. sep0667

    Supplemental feeding potential?

    Yep, agree a lot with this. When I saw the below buck that Lee shot a few years ago this is exactly what I thought. The color of the rack, the shape of the tines, extra points at the end of tines, the frame. I know its not high fence, but it looks like a pen deers rack and IMO is due to all the...
  7. sep0667

    November 13th

    Nice buck. Probably quite the swing of emotions from missing to drilling him!
  8. sep0667

    Trapping 2023-2024

    How long can you go between setting the trap to checking it? I'm sure therese a legal requirement.
  9. sep0667

    Trapping 2023-2024

    I've never trapped. I'd like to knock back the coons and definitely coyotes on one property I hunt. I see coyotes every time. Sunday night walking out in the dark when they started sounding off in all different directions I swear there was probably two dozen of them. It amazed there's even any...
  10. sep0667

    Messed up

    See if you can get some people to help you grid search the area
  11. sep0667

    11-6-2023 CRP Buck

    Awesome story, thats insane. Not sure how you kept your composure and held it together. That had to be so intense
  12. sep0667

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Sunday at 1130 I made the decision to get down and move stands. Should have stayed put. 45 minutes later this fella rolled by. My first stand is 20 yards away in that cedar tree.
  13. sep0667

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Not much for me this past weekend. Saw couple bucks searching in the mornings then dead most of the day. Saturday aftenroon two decent 8/9pts chasing a doe around, one of them bred her.
  14. sep0667

    11-06-2023 "Wallstreet"

    Thats sweet. Would be odd to not shoulder mount a deer or that size, but a 3rd antler would be neat to show on a Euro
  15. sep0667

    11-06-2023 "Wallstreet"

    Awesome buck, love those wicked brows. On his left side is that all one antler or does he have a third little antler?
  16. sep0667

    Human Urine

    Everytime. If you come across a scrape pee in it.
  17. sep0667

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    Just got back from a lunch break run and saw a nice buck walking through a wide open cornfield, couple hundred yards from the closest cover.
  18. sep0667

    How early

    I'd like to be set up in the dark, but usually end up in that early gray light time frame. Mostly due to getting those last few minutes of sleep I can. I feel like I can typically move a light faster/quieter in the gray light as well.
  19. sep0667

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I had some decent movement saturday evening, sunday morning and tuesday morning. Monday and tuesday once it warmed up it was dead, actually Monday I didnt see a single deer. I did an all day sit monday and tuesday. My cams have not shown much activity either during daylight the past several days.
  20. sep0667

    HOW LONG LIVE? Stomach & maybe liver- PIC!!!

    I'd think that could have still caught back of lungs, I would think for sure its in the the diaphragm. Temps are cold enough that if able to just wait until tomorrow.
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