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  1. 2-bucks

    11-06-2023 "Wallstreet"

    way to go! hard work pays off.
  2. 2-bucks

    Rut Action/Movement Reports

    I didn't hunt Monday or Tuesday but my cameras showed good movement. two shooters and others in daylight. But like Ishi...I got skunked this morning on a 5 hour sit. well minus the owl who tried to become a roommate in my blind. but that's a different post.
  3. 2-bucks

    Owl Encounter

    But it's so warm and comfy.
  4. 2-bucks

    What pose for this buck?

    very nice!
  5. 2-bucks


    he's a big old boy! great job
  6. 2-bucks

    Owl Encounter

    there's not many things I haven't seen in the woods but I just had a first. an owl tried to attack me! I've heard of that happening but never had it happen to me. he had swooped down at a squirrel but missed about 30 yards in front of me. so he's perched on a log looking around and when I...
  7. 2-bucks

    Blind window ? Open or shut

    is that your cologne all year long?
  8. 2-bucks

    Blind window ? Open or shut

    Open, unless i'm trying to not freeze. Any enclosed blind i have is still set up to where i hunt it based on wind directions, so I'm not trying to use to to conceal scent. I only have them in spots i can't get a tree stand. However they do come in handy on some rainy days. Like others, i...
  9. 2-bucks

    Decent Mature Buck ?

    I'd need more pictures but the head says young to me. no roman noes. the body looks big from that angle though.
  10. 2-bucks

    What happened?

    decent long weekend here. sat on food Saturday and Sunday. good deer movement each sit but only one decent 10 on Sunday evening. sitting in the timber all day Monday. so far have seen 4 bucks. one was a target buck chasing a doe right in front of me. chasing being the key word. he...
  11. 2-bucks

    Mountain Buck

    reminds me alot of when I was 19. minus the military base and handcuffs
  12. 2-bucks

    Any better trail camera options?

    I have 5 CuddyLink on a 120 acre farm. I have to use a 6th one as a relay to get a signal back to the home unit for one of them. I have bad cell reception so I don't use that option but I love that I can pull a card at my pole building and not stomp all over to pull cards. battery life with...
  13. 2-bucks

    Mountain Buck

    let it out...now i have to hear it
  14. 2-bucks

    Bucks like this - what buck would fight him?!?

    eat a lot more greens and only have sex in November...you might swell up like that by every October too
  15. 2-bucks

    Shoot or Pass

    draw...aim...shoot! I love to shoot big mature bucks and spend more time on my property trying for more and bigger every year. but I just love to hunt and take a deer or two each year. so if that meant my goal was for something smaller I'd still go and still love it.
  16. 2-bucks

    A second ARCHERY tag in Iowa??

    I love archery deer season. A second archery tag does nothing but degrade the heard, just like many othe changes proposed to the iowa deer seasons. Please leave them alone!!!
  17. 2-bucks

    Ryder’s First Deer

    Go Ryder! great pictures too
  18. 2-bucks

    Bear pistols

    But you can't carry a 12 ga while bow hunting and even if I could I wouldn't for the weight in the mountains. No doubt it's better at deterring a bear, but so is a 375 H7H.
  19. 2-bucks

    Bear pistols

    First and foremost...never pass up an opportunity to buy a gun at your wife's request! Weight is very important to me. So to me, the only options are the Glock 29 or Springfield Compact 10 MM's.
  20. 2-bucks


    OMG! its raining a little in Eastern Iowa for the second day in a row. I'm so excited I might pee myself. :oops:
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