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  1. trper

    The Toad - story and pics added

    Congrats! Great buck!
  2. trper

    Iowa DNR

    As a law enforcement officer for thirty years I tend to trust the judgement of the officers investigating the case more so than I do of those who try to circumvent the law. The one thing that is not being considered is the human element and the investigative skills of the offices involved. I...
  3. November Buck 2015

    November Buck 2015

    Rut deer
  4. trper

    SW IA taxidermist

    There is a guy in Atlantic that does excellent work out of his house. His name is Steve Mathias and his business is called Troublesome Creek Taxidermy. He is a super guy and does great work. If you have a e mail address I can send you a couple of pictures of his work. He just did a elk for me...
  5. trper

    Action is hot in western ia

    Hunting in Taylor and Adams Co. One big buck locked on doe. Hunted seven days and only small bucks and a few does moving. Come on cold weather! Other hunting partners in same boat. No big bucks moving!!
  6. trper

    AZ Elk Hunt Journal 2012

    Awesome thread and pictures! It is gonna happen for ya! Best of luck. trper
  7. trper

    Shotgun Season Strategy Advice Needed?

    My experience has shown that if you can get into an area quietly and just sit there and not move around much the deer will come. If there is not pressure outside of yourself on private ground the deer have a tendency to move into an area and stay there until they are pressured out especially if...
  8. Muzzle Kill 2008

    Muzzle Kill 2008

    Muzzleloader 2008
  9. Bow Kill November 2, 2010

    Bow Kill November 2, 2010

    Archery Kill 2010
  10. trper

    Throat punched one in Nebraska

    Way to to go Matt. Good seeing you again briefly. Hunted that morning out of the wind. No luck. Had to leave early due to daughter's first soccer game. Hope to get back sometime soon. Saw a few birds moving in the fields on the way home. If you get a chance send me pictures of the deer and...
  11. trper

    iowa whitetail total years of bowhunting expe

    32 for me. New total = 3792
  12. trper

    Allison's 1st Buck is a Dandy! VIDEO LINK ADDED

    Congrats, Allison! Amazing deer. The video of you and your dad as well as that of your brother shooting that doe is one of the best video's I have ever watched. Still hope to get my daughter a shot at a buck or does this year. You give her inspiration!!! Trper
  13. trper

    Finally a target

  14. trper

    Guess the Score? Big!

    High 180's::way:
  15. trper

    Weasel Whacks a Tom

    Way to go Scott!!!!
  16. trper

    Jonny's WIfe Scores!!!!

    Nice setup and congrats on a great bird. Trper
  17. trper

    Hungover bird

    Way to go Perry. Nice bird. Trper
  18. trper


    Re: FINALLY!!!!! I KILLED A 4TH SEASON BIRD IN IO Congrats. Nice birds Trper
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