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  1. unicoidawg

    Ruined my KS season before it started!

    Yes sir..... that's a big'un for sure. Congrats
  2. unicoidawg

    Nov 7, Iowa Bow buck

    Well all those years of trying and striking out finally paid off this morning in Iowa. The weather has been way too warm for much movement since we got in town for our hunt. This morning it had dropped down into the high 30's, which is not cold by any means, but it isn't 65 either. I told my...
  3. unicoidawg

    November date thoughts??

    I never did get around to updating this thread. We ended up going with our original dates Nov 5-12 and it worked out pretty good. Now of course the weather was not ideal, but we did manage a buck a piece. Crazy how things work, I rattled in a MONSTER at daylight on Nov 7 and was able to make a...
  4. unicoidawg

    November date thoughts??

    Thanks for the responses guys and like I figured it would be a mixed bag. October is not a option due to work schedule. It's looking more and more like the later week is what we end up doing. Either way hoping for cold weather unlike last year in Missouri. 80 degrees and midwest deer ain't a...
  5. unicoidawg

    November date thoughts??

    Hey guys....... after 5yrs me and my best friend got our zone 6 tags. We drew with 4points this time, last time was 3. We have a friend that lives up in the area and we will be hunting with him on properties he has lined up for us. We go somewhere in the Midwest (usually Missouri) every year and...
  6. unicoidawg

    NR Draw Results Posted

    We drew zone 6 with 3 points. Looking forward to a good trip to the Bloomfield area.
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