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  1. buckill

    My Son Charlie shows Dad how it’s done!!!

    Congrats Charlie! That's a great buck! Nothing better than father and son hunting together!!!!
  2. buckill

    Broadhead discussion

    I've been using German Kinetics for years. Two blade fixed head. Carbon steel. Good blood trail. When I first tested them, I shot the same head over and over, through both walls of a 50 gallon, steel drum. No issues. Good luck!
  3. buckill

    Alex's 2nd archery deer

    Nice job! Congrats!!
  4. buckill

    Doe Factories

    Just curious, how many acre piece do you have? I'm in the process of making the improvements that you completed. Place still isn't what I'd like it to be.
  5. buckill


    Skip you're doing God's work! I'll be joining IBA and sending in $. Thank you!!!!
  6. buckill


    Time for locked gates......
  7. buckill

    Here's My Solution to the Problems Raccoons Cause

    Ideally, how often do these traps need to be checked? What's the maximum number of days, you could let them ride?
  8. buckill

    Fire humiliates me again!!!!!!

    Go with the metal platform and your all set for future burns! Luckily it wasn't worse....
  9. buckill

    What’s more valuable for holding/producing/hunting deer? Crops vs crp?

    5 acres won't last through feb march. Nice to have food remaining to pick up sheds.
  10. buckill


    Is there anything we can do to stop this train wreck?
  11. buckill

    February Hunting season…. Found my target!!!!

    Looks like a crackhead that escaped from prison!
  12. buckill

    What u do if shoot deer in warm weather?

    Use food grade bags if possible.
  13. buckill

    Fixed vs mechanical - one simple “new” question

    Successful bowhunting is all about making sure things work. Mechanical things can fail, period. Why take the chance. Invest in high quality fixed heads that fly the same as field points. German Kinetic, another example, of a top notch fixed head, that flys true.
  14. buckill

    How many trail cams?

    We ran 7 on 80. Probably could have gotten by with one or two on a primary.
  15. buckill

    Iowa House File 2410

    If we want to oppose this bill, and send an email, where do we find the email addresses to send it to?
  16. buckill

    Tactacam Reveal X

    They work well. Slightly smaller than first gen. There are a couple of minor differences between the two, which I can't recall.
  17. buckill

    Tactacam Reveal X

    I have the first and second gen reveals. Never had a problem with moisture. Cams ran great WO any issues. As was stated past 20 yards quality of pic suffers. Not that sharp. Great camera for the $. I have two reveal X's in box unopened. PM if looking to purchase. $135.00 ea shipped.
  18. buckill

    Has iowa got BETTER or WORSE in last 10 years?

    In my experience the quality and #'s of mature bucks has decline WO a doubt.
  19. buckill

    Land prices / insane!!!

    If you look at the historical land values in iowa over the last 71years it's been nothing but N.
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