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  1. blackpowder72

    Agm Taipan Tm15-256 Thermal Monocular

    Agm Taipan Tm15-256 Thermal Monocular just like new I only used it twice coyote hunting. Absolutely nothing wrong with it I just upgraded to a higher resolution. $625. Call or text 515-835-9882
  2. blackpowder72


    Very cool.
  3. blackpowder72

    CVA Scout smokeless muzzleloader

    Parting with one of my CVA Scout smokeless muzzleloader. Hankins conversion with DI plug . Comes with 25 DI modules. DNZ Game Reaper one piece 30mm scope mount. 25" barrel all black. Has on it right now a Meopta Optika6 15x BDC scope. $1500 for complete package. $1000 for just the gun and...
  4. blackpowder72

    Smokless ml build? /suggestions.

    Checked into getting my 700ml converted this summer. $4000. You might as well buy a turn key from Luke or Jeff . Or a Encore barrel like Luke has or if you have a Scout send it to Jeff and have him convert it. I have 2 Scout conversions and they are legit 350 yard shooters .
  5. blackpowder72

    Remington 700ml 50 cal muzzleloader

    Remington 700ml 50 cal muzzleloader. NOT Ultimate! Stainless with black stock . Badger Ridge 209 bolt conversion. DNZ Game Reaper 30mm mount . Bushnell Trophy xtreme scope 4-16×44mm . Barrel is free floated. Bore is bright and shiny like new . This gun will shoot 1" groups with 77gr of 777 ffg...
  6. blackpowder72

    Remington 11-87 slug gun

    Remington 11-87 20ga slug gun .2 3/4-3" Cantilever rifled slug barrel, Timney adjustable trigger. Very nice gun. $750. Call or text 515-835-9882. Located by Fort Dodge.
  7. blackpowder72

    Late season timber food plot

    I know they need sunlight , I farm so I know how to raise crops. Only place I have in this spot doesn't get much sunlight so I was curious what people have tried. I will throw some clover and barassics out there see what happens.
  8. blackpowder72

    Late season timber food plot

    It gets some sunlight in the summer but not much. I was thinking planting it in August.
  9. blackpowder72

    Late season timber food plot

    Sorry I'm probably posting this in the wrong forum but it wouldn't let me post in Habitat section. Ok I have a place I want to put a food plot in the timber for late season. Very minimal sunlight. I can get my little tractor to it to do tillage. What are your best suggestions? Thanks.
  10. blackpowder72

    WTB- big culvert tube- 6-8’ x 30-35’

    Oh sorry I see you said 6'or 8' . Would a old 1000 gal fuel tank work ?
  11. blackpowder72

    WTB- big culvert tube- 6-8’ x 30-35’

    Yeah Sligh check with your county guys. Sometimes they have old pipe they dig up and replace with new. When we put new drive ways in for fields we just buy new pipe from the county really not that expensive.
  12. blackpowder72

    Looking for Accutip slugs

    Sun shines on a dogs ass once in awhile!
  13. blackpowder72

    Looking for Accutip slugs

    Rjack thanks again for the info. I bought all the 3" they had but they still have quite a few 2 3/4" if anyone is looking. Also they had quite a few Hornady slugs.
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