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  1. Hair&Scales

    Season over December 31

    I think you are looking at it wrong. If the reasoning for having 2 weekends for gun 2 is so that working guys can have 2 weekends to hunt then as of now that would reason that 90 percent of guys would be hunting 2nd gun right now according to your logic. Different guys pick different factors...
  2. Hair&Scales

    Season over December 31

    Each season would have 1 weekend. If you didn't change anything else, landowners would still have 10 days or two weekends during shotgun to fill their tags.
  3. Hair&Scales

    Season over December 31

    Agreed! Decrease antlerless tags especially in northern half, agreed ghost town compared to early 00's. This can and should be accomplished. Agree or disagree with my opinion below. Two 5 day shotgun seasons. Like December 6-10. December 11-15. Late Season Muzz December 16-31. Seasons end...
  4. Hair&Scales

    Season over December 31

    Two 5 day shotgun seasons. Like December 6-10. December 11-15. Late Season Muzz December 16-31. Seasons end on Jan. 1
  5. Hair&Scales

    Deer Cape

    I have a deer cape in good shape from early October this year if anyone needs a replacement. Not looking to make a bunch off it just some cash to make it worth my time. Message me if interested.
  6. Hair&Scales

    Messed up

    3 beds close together he is likely dead, and likely within 200 or less yards of there. First choice would be a dog, tracking dog preferably but any dog will find a dead deer if they get the scent of it, run them on downwind side of where you think he is. If i had permission and a dog couldnt...
  7. Hair&Scales

    2023-24 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Heck of an 8 point :)
  8. Hair&Scales

    2023-24 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 4 with an October cold front kill. Had this deer on a rare pattern early season. Was coming to a mock scrape regularly on camera. On October 10th I had him there with 30 mins of light left so I slipped in on October 11th and he came in within a minute of the night before. Of course he took...
  9. Hair&Scales

    2023-24 Team Contest Sign Up

    2. Hair&Scales
  10. Hair&Scales

    2022-23 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team #6 Inside spread 19 Main beam 22 Main Beam 21 G1 - 4.50 1.00 G2 - 6.50 8.00 G3 - 6.00 6.75 H1 - 6.50 5.75 H2-...
  11. Hair&Scales

    Jumping Into Outdoor Media

    I will say that your voice for a podcast is a good one, the editing will come in time I am sure, if only i knew someone on here that you could get on a podcast that has done one a time or two (cough) (cough) Sligh.
  12. Hair&Scales

    Jumping Into Outdoor Media

    Ill listen I am on there right now while working.
  13. Hair&Scales

    .35 caliber or larger for gun 1 & 2

    Does anyone in Iowa really need to be shooting 400 yds. at an animal that can move at any time? I guess I don't see the ethical or sporting part of it anymore at that point. Same people that will be mad in 5 years when our deer herd declines and the biggest buck you see all year is 120 inches...
  14. Hair&Scales

    Will we ever have a stable population of these?

    I am sure in twenty years it will be "normal" to have them around. I just hope we don't cave to a peta or like group and ban hunting of them. Should be treated as coyotes are in my opinion always open season and any weapon. Imagine the devastion even a sustainable population would have on...
  15. Hair&Scales

    Absolute World Class Typical

    Was that gray hat he has on custom made before deer was shot? Uncanny how it looks identical to the buck he shot?
  16. Hair&Scales

    What u do if shoot deer in warm weather?

    First quarter deer, put bag of ice in bottom of cooler, I have pvc pipe with end caps cut the length of cooler usually 2 or 3 two inch pipe's will do the trick, lay them on top of the ice, put meat on top of that. The theory is the pvc pipe keeps the meat from being directly laid on the ice and...
  17. Hair&Scales

    200 inchers?

    More ideas for thought, I believe there are currently deer on peoples walls in their house that they have never had scored nor care to that would break state records and national records.
  18. Hair&Scales

    2022-23 Team Contest Sign Up

    14 Hair&Scales
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