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  1. Hide-the-Hippy

    Bowtech Reign 7

    For Sale 2017 Bowtech Reign 7 Draw: 29 Weight: 60 Axel/Axel: 32.625” Brace Height: 7” Black Limbs & Risers Anthem Custom String Mint Condition Accessories 3 Pin Pro Fire Fuse Sight Fuse Stabilizer QAD Ultra Rest-Fuse Black 5 Arrow Quiver 3/16” Peep $750 Bare $1,200 Fully Loaded Just...
  2. Hide-the-Hippy

    Last weeks moon shot

    INCREDIBLE work!!!
  3. Hide-the-Hippy

    This past weekends pics

    Wow!! Great photos! Love the color and clarity in them!!
  4. Hide-the-Hippy

    Grunt Call?

    Gang, Be doing a lot of research on whitetail behavior and reading up some knowledge. I really did some trial runs with grunts and different styles and technique with grunt calls last season. I managed to bring in a few bucks during different times. Had a lot of fun learning too and was...
  5. Hide-the-Hippy

    removing old tree pegs

    Is there an "easy way" of removing pegs that the tree has started growing around them?? You know..ones that have been in the tree for 6+ years. If so..please share!
  6. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy Scores! (Pic Heavy)

    Thanks guys! Here is the one-minute hunt "recap"... https://vimeo.com/125303745 Enjoy!
  7. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy Scores! (Pic Heavy)

    Finally was able to capitalize on an opportunity this morning. We've had close calls on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning. Wednesday morning we did not make it to the woods because of some..ahh..other "commitments". ;) Had an awesome set-up, knew exactly were they were roosting. Overall we...
  8. Turkeyyy


  9. Turekyy


  10. Iw 4

    Iw 4

    IW 4
  11. Iw 1

    Iw 1

    IW 1
  12. Hide-the-Hippy

    Kaylees Turkey

    Awesome bird and photo!! Good job guys!
  13. Hide-the-Hippy

    Meathunter & Liv4Rut Bow Double

    Awesome! Doubling up is always a fun time! Great work.
  14. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy's Foto Diary

    Here are the vimeo one-minute hunt recaps to... Day 1: https://vimeo.com/124888613 Day 2: https://vimeo.com/124994413 Not sure if I will do this for every hunt..depends on the action though..Enjoy!
  15. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy's Foto Diary

    I'm not really sure what is going on, but it loaded my pictures properly last night and this morning the pictures were not mine and someone else's. :/ I deleted that old post..has that happened before to anyone?
  16. Turkeys


  17. Turkeys


  18. Hide-the-Hippy

    Pics from the last week or so

    Amazing work! I LOVE the lighting!!! I tried to photograph some last night..but it was all heat lighting!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!
  19. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy's Foto Diary

    Thanks guys!!! :) I'm not sure when I will have another video..but turkey season is right around the corner too! Thanks for the support! Glad you guys enjoyed it!
  20. Hide-the-Hippy

    The Hippy's Foto Diary

    Here is a trout fishing video short that I filmed and edited today! Enjoy! https://vimeo.com/123507781
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