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    Cross Bows in Iowa....? I hope not

    Im looking for a cross-bow after reading I could now use one. Why not try something new to keep me out in the woods a little longer. Remember a bad day in the timber is better than sitting at the mall/in front of the TV/or being at work. Who cares what weapon you use! Get out and hunt.
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    Archery aoudad

    Great Rams!!
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    Northeast Iowa - Bowhunting

    Hang out at the local coffee shops and feed stores (Farmers like to drink coffee there..haha). Also you stated new job....first people I always pimp...and I travel a lot around the world...are my co-workers. You may have to give up some of that 640 you have permission on but may show you are...
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    With all the questions you have about regulations lately...here is a link to help out. http://www.iowadnr.gov/Portals/idnr/uploads/Hunting/huntingregs.pdf All your questions will be answered here to the extent of the regulations and laws
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    Makes no sense

    Because the Iowa regs say so... Im with JNRBRONC...Im sure slug holes with a bow tag would be common...just to bag that trophy you weren't smart enough to out smart...just like Im sure happens during Late muzzy from time to time
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    Ripped Off!

    Maybe you didn't know one of the main VA hospitals is in Knoxville, and being a disabled veteran....you should know that not all disabilities are constant, nor are they noticeable....but you probably didn't deal with many video/network disabilities. But your statement is the general problem with...
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    Western Iowa Public Land Problems

    Seems like the perfect time to setup a covert operation. Those guys will be back to check on "Their" hunting spot in the morning. Beat them there but sit next to your truck. Put plastic on your window thanking the individuals for breaking your window, when plastic is removed due to this...
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    New to the area

    Atleast give him some hope!! LOL
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    Ripped Off!

    Check Ebay or Archerytalk for your quiver...bet it is on there if he is ripping people off.
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    New to the area

    Welcome to Iowa....enjoy the gun seasons.....they can be fun!
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    This is a terrible way to die.

    Not trying to question the article but how do you suffocate but are heard yelling for help? Constriction by his harness?
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    Tough not to cry for you down here Dbltree

    Taken too early but never forgotten. Thank you Paul for your green thumb knowledge and free advice on several items. Gob bless.
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    Paul's (dbltree) Funeral Times

    Save a virtual seat for me. I am deployed and will not make it. Sign my name. God bless to a good man and family. Dang it man...this stuff sucks! :(
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    One for Dad - pics and story added

    Great buck Matt! Lost my dad on Nov 17th 3 yrs ago....tough pill to swallow at times but it is a day I enjoy the most in the tree. On a side note....wish I had friends like yours ;)
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    Western South Dakota Bucks

    Great Deer! Wish I would of read this post, located out here for work for next few weeks and was looking for spots to hunt ;)
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    Missouri scrub buck

    Great Deer nanny! Miss ya back in Iowa though.....and I years of missed opportunities :)
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    Taxidermist central/southern iowa?

    Not to start anything but Rick Whitaker did the Luvsten buck.
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    Taxidermist central/southern iowa?

    Mine Too!!! Around Knoxville. Steve Conner from Creston has done a few of mine. Does some great work also
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    Public Land Kill

    Congrats on a great buck! Looks familiar so hope it wasn't one I was hunting :)
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    What is the best one pin bow sight?

    Hogg Father.......
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