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2022 Hudson first buck hunt video


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With 2023 youth season opening in IA what a better time than to finish Hudson's buck hunt from 2022. :)

We tried this weekend both evenings and saw a grand total of 0 deer, really odd. The deer heard has taken a beating the past few seasons and it's not looking like this year will be much different than the past few. EHD is doing more damage than originally thought I believe.

FWIW, I have recently heard about pretty widespread EHD die off here in SE Iowa. Suddenly, our farm looks to be down quite noticeably on numbers also. Harrumph.

I saw a struggling buck last Friday when we were trying to slam some rye in to have more food for the winter, potentially addled by EHD, but not dead yet. My son saw a doe elsewhere on the farm that didn't act right. We also found 2 and are 99% sure that we smelled a couple of more that we didn't go looking for. Aaaarrgghhh.

Multiple, and close by, neighbors have similar recent reports. Not good...but maybe not as catastrophic numbers wise as what I remember hearing about elsewhere in 2013(?)...where it seems like some areas lost 90% of their deer population then. But...it is suddenly looking like I may be fishing more than hunting this fall!

Good luck to your son Jordan, great, great times being had, even if the deer are scarce.
I too had a good buck since july till aug 28th then gone he was daily on my cameras but nothing since fearing ehd got him. Fishing sounds good in oct!!

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