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Alex's 2nd archery deer


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My boy has had a frustrating season, which happens when you try to set goals for yourself. He wanted to shoot a big 10 point we had in cam, and when the opportunity arose, it didn't work out. He has passed MANY smaller bucks this fall and had a handful of "almosts" with larger deer, but nothing came together. With the impending snow coming I knew deer would move so we once again headed out.

At 330 a nice 8 point was headed our way. We talked briefly and I explained to him that maybe a good goal would be to make a good shot on a nice buck and get another deer under your archery belt? He agreed and got ready. The buck came in and worked a scrape at 15 yards and then went into his lane. Alex made, what appeared to be, a perfect shot, but we lost blood at dusk 150 yards away.

I immediately made plans to get a tracking dog because I was already hearing reports of snow, and snow it did, about 3" worth plus wind and crap falling off all the branches. Long story short the dog failed and the tracker wasn't keen on listening to my suggestions wanting only to let the dog work. I sent them home after a few hours and walked 200 yards to a big ditch where we walked right up on him dead in his bed. It was what it was I guess.

Big thing we're taking away from this season is to practice more to get stronger to get a heavier arrow set up. Autopsy showed a full pass thru with a 75 grain 3 bladed muzzy at 43#. Hardly a drop of blood. He hit the back tips of both lungs and sliced the liver. The blood inside was very dark and gritty, and man he stunk. The liver was also turning yellow so whatever he sliced did the job. I think we can salvage the hams and back straps.


Congrats Alex. I am having trouble seeing how that hit was back of lungs and liver. Crazy.
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Congrats Alex! That shot is money!!!! I’ll be getting some pointers from u as Charlie tries for first bow buck next season! Congrats on fantastic season for you guys!!!
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