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Climate warming:


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Alot is debated back and forth about the climate warming. From my perspective, the perspective of someone who has worked outdoors for the last 19 years, it's,,You bet the climate is warming. I worked up in Northern MI, outdoors, before moving to Iowa. I now work in Iowa outside. Our October bow seasons got warmer and warmer. I knew I was moving tward the heat coming south to Iowa,,but 91' for Oct 2nd? When is the last time you can remember a cold Oct, down here? Bet it's been a long time. That is why I don't get serious about bow hunting till the end of the month.
Here in northern Minnesota we are very much in favor of Global warming. Bring it on.

Seriously, I think there are trends in climates and we seem to be in a warming trend over the last few years. I do not believe in this chicken little concept of "Global Warming." I think it is just another fundraiser for the environmental extremists.
but 91' for Oct 2nd? When is the last time you can remember a cold Oct, down here?

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I don't remember a "cold" October...but I remember plenty of warm ones! One year we didn't get a frost until Thanksgiving! These temps are nothing new as far as I'm concerned, which is not to say I'm not concerned about possible climate changes.

One year I'm baking and the next year freezing, the next it's bone dry and another year crops are standing until Jan. from to much rain.

The only trend I see...is the weather remains very unpredictable
its not so much that the climate is warming its the rate at which it is warming that is making many become concerned about it.
Harry Hillaker sp? with the national weather service mentioned the other day that something like 50 of the last 90 Octobers have recorded temps in the 90's.

So it's about a 50-50 chance...At least for the last century. So maybe not too uncommon.

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