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My 1000th post.


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I see how many some of you all have posted and it is pretty amazing. I can't believe that I have posted on this site 1000 time already. Either I am really interested in this site or just don't have much to do. I am putting my money on the interested part of it. Still pretty happy that I accidently stumbled across this site about 3 1/2 year ago. It just keeps getting better and better.
Congrats DL just think when you joined muddy already had 3,000 posts...

Ahh, the nostalgia of my 1000th post...

on to 5000!

Glad to have you around this long DL!
congrats! I think you are just really interested in this site. I know I am, just dont seem to post much. 1000 is a long ways off.
Only 993 more to go...I think I need more time. What's amazing is how this site generates so many replies even on puff-ball mushrooms. Gotta love it!
"Sitting in a pinch, near a funnel, on a rub line, 20 yards downwind from a scrape!"
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