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Smokless ml build? /suggestions.

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I have a rem 700 ml. And am thinking of having a smokless built out of this gun ? Any thoughts on cost of something like this . Also any suggestions on a builder ? Thanks guys!

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Yes thanks didnt know he would start with my 700. Thought he just sold complete guns. Thankyou!

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He might be booked solid this time of year. Buy an encore frame and stock a then order a barrel from Luke. Solid 300 yard gun then put a good scope on it .
I would take one of my encore barrels hands down over a 700ML build. I won't build on 700ML's anymore, and I think majority of people that do it now end up regretting it compared to currently available options.

Chip is also correct, I am only doing turnkey builds rest of year. No gunsmith work other that what I've already committed to completing.


Just curious why you say that luke? Encore build will do 2400-2500 max. And a 700 ml build will easily do 2800fps. Roughly for the same price. I'm not looking for an argument, I'm just curious why that is?

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Anything over 26" on a 700ML is likely going to cause issues. 30" would be really dumb to do.

If you take 3 shots a year and don't mind a little leakage, sure go with a 700ML. But you're really not saving yourself any $$ on a 700ML build over a centerfire action build. So don't really see much point to build with a 700ML if you're just doing it so you can get hotter loads than an encore build.
Easy to answer. 1) ML 700 smokeless can be barrel up to 30". Most go with 26" and 2) barrel profile much stronger, able to handle hotter loads than the Encore's thinner barrel. In a 700ML conversion to smokeless, the factory barrel becomes scrap metal and is replaced with after market barrel with contour strong enough to handle smokeless. Same goes for the Encore, but one can handle a tougher barrel than the other. Both are decent options. I personally would not do the Encore option, unless I already had an Encore.

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Interesting replies I sold my ultimate 700 built by Luke and am doing a second encore, lighter and shorter.
Sold a 700 and going encore?!?
here I sit with an encore...., great gun.... from Luke...... wishing I had a 700 cause it would have more power & range. I guess i need to chew on that. Hmmmmm

Total transparency- coming from guy who never shot big deer with gun.... 100% with bow and my gun & ML shots are usually 50-200 yards. So- I’m thinking on this for no good reason but - guess it’s just a typical guy & hunter issue thinking about better stuff.
WTF- most of the avid participants on this sight are dead set against centerfire rifles in Iowa and then most of you build 600 yard muzzleloaders. If you need a 600 yard gun in Iowa you are a piss poor deer hunter. I think the state should go to no scopes on muzzleloaders like a few of the western states. It is after all a primitive weapon season and maybe it would eliminate some of the road hunting which I know happens with these long range guns.
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