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  1. Kim Ric
  2. Kickstand
    Kickstand bkcrrtnps
    Could you please provide me the firmware you received from Cuddeback for the cuddelink operation? they have not replied to me yet.
  3. ram170
  4. MadisonB&C
    MadisonB&C shedhunter93
    Chris Dietrich 308-760-4698
    Great guy to work with and he'll likely offer the best $$$ per pound of antler that be able to find
  5. kooler122
  6. Best Plumbing
    Best Plumbing
    Plumber Adelaide
  7. Total Flood Damage
    Total Flood Damage
    Carpet Flood Damage Melbourne
  8. Newgate Finance
    Newgate Finance
    Truck finance Melbourne
  9. Doherty Plumbing
    Doherty Plumbing
    Blocked Drains Melbourne
  10. NLK Plumbing
    NLK Plumbing
    Plumber Melbourne
  11. tracer
    Calling Spring turkey
  12. Duckriver
    Duckriver MObowhunter10
    Not a problem. I want to help out guys like you. I deal with crp everyday and know the program better than the agency in charge. Let me know if I can ever do anything else.
  13. Duckriver
    Duckriver MObowhunter10
    Send me your phone number and I will send you screen shot from crp manual.
    1. marionslayer
      Did you ever get his number? I'm interested in his blinds but he won't respond
      Mar 21, 2017
    2. Duckriver
      Never heard anything from him.
      Mar 24, 2017
    3. MObowhunter10
      I apologize guys. Don't get on here a crazy amount. 816-805-7580. Duckriver - I ended up looking up the CRP manual and found the "loop hole" if you will. When I contacted FSA they said you are correct, but usually we just tell people 12 months of ownership because no one actually looks up the requirements. Good Catch on that!! You may have helped me get my new farm enrolled!!!
      Mar 26, 2017
  14. Jbohn
    Jbohn habitat24
    I would burn your stand , spray with 1 oz oust per acre or generic SFM75 or you could burn let cool season's come to life and hit it with Panoramic at 6 oz an acre. This issue with oust is it will kill everything but natives that are established so any new seed on the ground l be killed.. Hit me up if you have questions
  15. madplotter
    madplotter Close
    Hey Close! I live a ways away but would be interested in communicating and maybe sharing some experiences. I live between eddyville and albia. My phone number 641-799-3644. text me any time.
  16. Deer&Ducks
    Deer&Ducks Non-typ.
    I've been hunting Page County the last 6 years and would possibly be interested in your farm. I can be reached at if you'd like to discuss further with a location and price. Thanks.
  17. marionslayer
    marionslayer Non-typ.
    Please write me at if you have information on your farm
  18. marionslayer
    marionslayer 4DABUCKS
    Writing you about the 80 acres you mentioned on my post. Please email me at with all the information on it
  19. marionslayer
    marionslayer Non-typ.
    You responded to my comment about as far sw as page county. I would look at it. What do you have to offer?
  20. Wapsi Tree
    Wapsi Tree
    I'm too poor to pay attention!