140 acres wappello Co IA - premium mixed farm

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    Posting Friend of mine..... I helped do a lot of the habitat work out there...... timber stand improvement, natives & insane amount of work & massive investment $ put Into this.
    This has: premium high quality soil which is a HUGE bonus for value & roi when grain prices come back up. Can’t ever go wrong with rich dark high yielding soil!!!
    Giant bucks- there’s a legit 200” out there this year - I think u would have to inquire with seller on that.... he also has way way way more trail cam pics & recent slammers too. He can get updated pics and a pretty large amount of pics to a serious buyer.
    Turn key on every project known to man & no expenses spared.
    Genetics are sick. Very very strong. This is a big deal!!
    Plots, blinds, ponds, fencing, patrolling, etc - all done.
    This property has been made into a thick jungle in the timber. Enough trails for deer but as thick as it comes. Big old bucks make this HOME! Buddy stays on outskirts & leaves thickets as sanctuary for much of it but can easily hunt trails cutting along fields & pinch points with killer entrances & exits. This farm is dialed in perfectly.
    Neigbor situation is as good as it gets - period. With food & set up- this farm will have every deer on hundreds or thousands of acres come to food.
    200” shot in past.
    Building locations, on and on. This is a smoker. No doubt in my mind if buyer did it right - shoot giants every year & watch roi go up over time.
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