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Discussion in 'Shed Hunting Conference' started by davidcave, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hello Guys,

    My family and I had an incredible experience shed hunting last week on a popular LE unit in Southern Utah. My wife picked up her first shed and it is a bruiser! By far bigger then anything I have ever picked up. What made this trip special was that all
    of my kids were with us, even our twin babies that we carried on our backs. We only anticipated staying out for a few hours but after my wife found this slug we stayed out the rest of the day, but were unsuccessful at finding the match.

    Since finding the antler, I have put in numerous hours, miles and days in attempt to find the other side without any luck. I am baffled at the idea that this buck did not not shed both sides in close proximity to one another, especially with the amount of mass the antler carries.

    I believe someone may have picked up the other side as their were some boot tracks from the opener within a mile or so from where we picked it up. I was hoping that maybe with the help of the Monster Muley community I might be able to get in touch with the lucky individual. I would love to get some pictures with the set or even pics of the buck on the hoof.


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