Bowtech Reign 7

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    NE Iowa
    For Sale
    2017 Bowtech Reign 7
    Draw: 29
    Weight: 60
    Axel/Axel: 32.625”
    Brace Height: 7”
    Black Limbs & Risers
    Anthem Custom String
    Mint Condition

    3 Pin Pro Fire Fuse Sight
    Fuse Stabilizer
    QAD Ultra Rest-Fuse
    Black 5 Arrow Quiver
    3/16” Peep

    $750 Bare
    $1,200 Fully Loaded

    Just wrecked a Booner last weekend!

    Does not include wrist strap or arrows. Very smooth and fast. Same setup to kill turkeys and deer with no extra adjustments. Adjustable Overdribe Binary cams.

    One of the best bows in 2017! Smooth and comfortable draw cycle!

    All you need is arrows and you’re ready to kill a buck!

    No trades & cash only if meet in person. Otherwise Venmo app payment. No PayPal.

    Buyer pays shipping expense, but in NE Iowa, I’d be welling to meet somewhere close to Decorah.

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