Mathews Z7 for sale

Discussion in 'Hunting Gear & Equipment' started by IA_shooter, Dec 8, 2019.

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    Mathews Z7 with new Twisted-X green/black string/cable. 28"/70# In good condition overall and shoots well. I just need to go back to something with 85-90% let off.

    Bare bow only $275 cash. Any other accessories left on it will add to price. Accessories available are VaporTrail LimbDriver Pro-V rest - $50, Trophy Ridge React H4 sights - $50, Axiom Stabilizer - $20, Fuse Maxxis 6 arrow quiver - $40, Paracord wrist strap - $10, Easton soft case - $40

    Loaded bow with everything just listed plus case and some arrows to go with it - $450 cash

    FTF pick up in NW Washington Co. Could possibly ship on your dime.

    PM for phone #, exact location, etc if interested. Thanks.

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