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Discussion in 'Iowa Whitetail Conference' started by Great Lakes Hopeful, Oct 2, 2001.

  1. Hello whitetail enthusiasts. I stumbled across this site tonight as I wait for the chance to hunt the great state of Iowa. My hunting partner and I were fortunate enough to draw non-res archery tags this year and are ecstatic to say the least. We will be hunting in Clayton county near the towns of Milleville, Turkey River and Guttenburg. We will hunt Oct 19-21, Nov 2-5 and 13-19. We have extremely high expectations for the hunts! My question to you is, am I being overexpectant? Just kidding, how would you know? Really though, what kind of numbers of deer can I plan on seeing, and how is the buck/doe ratio? Anyone ever hunt these areas? Or from this area? I just would like to know what to expect. I feel we have some prime stands set up. The land we will be hunting consists mainly of a big river bottom, alfalafa fields and a small strip of corn. Please write me your thoughts and expectations for our hunt. I understand that Clayton Co. is the #2 co. for record book Iowa bucks. I hope that within five weeks you can prove it by me. Thank you in advance for your reply's. Happy hunting!
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    Don't get your expectations off the richter scale. You should have a great hunt, but it sounds like you might be in danger of expecting too much. We have plenty of deer all over the state at least by most peoples standards. They are not behind every tree however. That's why it is hunting. Big ones can be extremely frustrating to kill on purpose as I am sure you know. And BIG means different things to different people. If you want to see BIG look upthe website: The listed score is incorrect it is more like 294 with a 22" inside spread. The sheds are from last spring. The deer has been videoed in the last two weeks at 10 yards and is DRAMATICALLY bigger this year. Have a great hunt whether you are fortunate to harvest something or not.

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