Necked cartidge bill returns HF 716

Discussion in 'Legislative Forum' started by Fishbonker, Feb 10, 2020.

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    I think I can bottom line this reasonably close....
    The bill is generic & open ended on purpose. Year 1 this committee or other previously mentioned groups say “u can use XYZ rounds”. Later on after this 2020 season’s accepted rounds announced..... later.... “well heck, not fair I can’t use my .300 Winchester magnum..... can we submit a request to add smaller calibers?” It doesn’t need to go through the whole legislative process.... all t’d up to run through committee for change. it’s much simpler & IFC will clearly push these committees & groups to accept changes. It could be year, could be 3. Likely what will happen. IFC set these dominos & legislation up like this on purpose.
    EVERYONE I know is confused, by design. IFC is playing a short game of chess here. Maybe checkers. They will push for committee changes to include “other said rifles” in matter of time. MARK MY WORD!!!!!!
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    My understanding of the process is this: The law directs the NRC to establish rules regarding the use of firearms for taking deer. The law includes language that would allow the use of necked cartridges. It is up to the NRC to establish the rules within that law. The NRC could still say "no" to necked cartridges but then the legislative rules committee could require the NRC to allow the use of necked cartridges. At this time necked cartridge's are not allowed in Iowa for taking deer. This could change if the topic is included in an NRC agenda, is open for public comment and then passed by the NRC.

    The bill/law did not set the rules, it directed the NRC to set the rules. The NRC has not yet acted on the law so no rules have been established making last years rules in effect in regards to straight wall rifles cartridges.

    Clear as mud?
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