Out of state hunts/plans for 2018?

Discussion in 'IW Outdoors' started by Boonervilleusa, Apr 11, 2018.

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    I'm more speaking in the terms of making it something where guys more or less have to pick and choose.. not carpet bomb the west. Personally i feel like you should at least have to front the money for the tag that you apply for. That to me seems like it should be the minimum because you have to pay if you draw anyway
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    Hotshott, I’m not a banking pro, but I’ve read that it is actually more costly for the states’ to handle funds via credit card charging & refunding, and no way around it. Thus this has slowly been going away in favor of nonrefundable fees.

    As to all the various state point systems out there, it’s not like a big secret or anything that all are problematic. Those of us who bought in early have a lot of hostage points which get cheapened somewhere every year, via several methods. The states have figured out they must keep their lottery schemes appealing to young fresh money and must screw their prior investors in order to do this. There is no solution to this other than full conversion to a random draw. That is what actually happened in New Mexico back in like 1994 or so. They did a complete tear down. Others morphed their systems to 75/25 like Wyoming or 50/50 like AZ last year. Eventually I expect a collapse of most of these schemes so I’ve been scrambling to spend mine ASAP. I expected it in AZ & they beat me to it, stealing my lope tag. Next will be the NV house of squared cards. But odds are so bad there I’m a sitting target unable to burn points. You watch, it will happen. Their ground floor investors are drying up very quickly as young guys realize it’s a horrible investment for them to enter now. The supply/demand ratio is far outstripping a supposed decline in hunter population.

    Another insidious side effect of the supply/demand shortfall is corrupt shortcutters like SFW and special interest groups promoting outfitter welfare skimming more and more tags across the country. BTW-When was the last time you heard of outfitter welfare being reduced by legislation??? That has about the same chance of happening as food stamp reductions. Never. Once anyone is suckling they will never go away.

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