Pastrami (Deer)

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    Pastrami is easy to make just like the Dried Deer. I like Pastrami but a few pounds a year is enough but still fun to make for a variety.

    1 TBS of Tender Quick per lb of meat
    3/4-1 TBS Brown Sugar per lb of meat.
    Put the meat in a ziplock bag then apply TC then the Brown Sugar. Now mix up the spices

    1 TBS black pepper
    1 TBS onion powder
    1 Tsp garlic powder
    1 Tsp Paprika
    1 Tsp allspice
    Mix up and put spice mixture on the roast. This makes a large amount for several pounds of Pastrami so just a nice layer will do.

    Black pepper
    Garlic powder

    After applying the cure, sugar and spices let the deer meat cure for 7-9 days under refrigeration. For dry curing I want the roasts no more than 3 inches thick. Flip daily and rinse well under faucet after cure time. Dry meat and sprinkle the rub ingredients over the meat and let it rest in fridge over night.


    Smoke till the meat reaches 150 -155 degrees. Then pull the meat and wrap in foil with a couple TBS of beef broth and seal up the tinfoil.


    Place the roast back on the smoker and steam the Pastrami for another 1/2 hour.
    Finished product


    Sliced all up


    Toasted Ruben Sammie with kraut.


    Thanks for looking and enjoy the process and finished results.

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