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    As most have seen we uploaded some great new Photo Gallery software just a few short months ago. To fully utilize our Photo Gallery and organize our photo's for all to see we are going to change the current upload process for our new post/replies.

    The process will change but we can still post pictures with a slightly different proccess.

    Posting a picture in your post/reply:
    After resizing your photo appropriately go to Upload Photo's in our Photo Gallery. (Be sure to choose the correct category for your image)

    Then follow upload process.


    Once your photo has been uploaded, put your mouse arrow over the pic and RIGHT CLICK. A window will open, go down to PROPERTIES and click on it. Another window will open and you will see a URL, something like COPY the address.

    Then Compose your post/reply and when you want to drop in a picture do the following:

    Find the Instant UBB Code next to the Instant Graemlins and click Image

    A window will pop up asking "Enter the complete URL for the Image you wish to display"

    then PASTE the URL into this box and hit OK - Your done

    This may sound tough at first but it is really easy once you try it.


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