Selling A Lot Of My Sheds

Discussion in 'Shed Hunting Conference' started by Shovelbuck, May 18, 2017 at 4:06 PM.

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    Different hobbies and priorities now so I've decided to get rid of some sheds. Figured I'd post it here for the shedheads to see. :) I'm not going to post a bunch of pics here, but will say that the "Shovelbuck" sheds are for sale. Either the real ones or a great set of replicas. Whichever set is sold, I plan on keeping the other. The real ones are 600.00 and the replicas are 300.00. Shipping is not included in price. A little info about them. Found in 96 and are tough to score due to the palmation but both are in the 70's. The left side has a bullet crater with some lead still in it. Real ones were mounted twice through the years to skull plates and because of that, the pedicals have been repaired along with a brow tine. Replicas have never been mounted.

    The originals..........



    I've also got a couple restored 80 plus inchers for sale plus a bunch of nice 60's and 70's 4 and 5 points.
    Some of you are friends with me on FB, and there's a post there about it with more info.
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