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Discussion in 'Legislative Forum' started by Fishbonker, Feb 8, 2019.

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    I included this bill for two reasons. Reason the first: I'm not really sure what underused, undesirable or injurious organisms the bill references. I can guess, zebra mussels, lampreys (do we have these in Iowa?), those flying carp and other things like that. May be an ichthyologist could explain?

    Reason the second: Not that this bill will ever pass, or even if it does, it won't bring in much money for the Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund. It is a distinct departure from the myriad of bills proposed so far this year that would actually take money away from the FWTF.

    I'd have to go back and count how many bills introduced so far this year will cause the FWTF to lose money. Not only directly through a decrease in license sales but from the funds returned to Iowa through Pittman Roberts and Dingle Johnson. It is my guess, and I'm trying to put together some numbers, that all of theses floating tags, reduced cost tags for youth, free fishing in farm ponds, LO tags etc etc, will directly offset any gains the FWTF would have made through the fee increases we fought for last year.

    I understand the populist attraction to these bills but the FWTF will suffer and so will the collective.
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