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Discussion in 'Iowa Whitetail Conference' started by CurtisWalker, Mar 7, 2019.

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    Sorry it took so long

    1st Place:

    Team 6-770.875pts
    1. Elvis188-151.25
    2. lunker99-147.5pts-25pts*
    3. IowaBowHunter1983-207.5pts
    4. msauer933-121.5pts
    5. zvholk-118.125

    2nd Place:

    Team 13-652pts
    1. TLHAWK
    2. 150 Class-175.5
    3. arm-139pts
    4. wtails2015 (Meat Hunter)-152.375pts
    5. meyeri- 25pts*-160.125pts

    3rd Place:

    Team 12-542.375pts
    1. Gundog
    2. Jwest-165.625
    3. hillruner-25pts
    4. BDAHMS-153.375
    5. Ishi- 25pts*+173.375

    Congrats guys! Thanks for participating again this year everyone! Let’s see if we can top team 6 next year.

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    Central, IA
    You read my mind!!!! Posted on other thread as this was being typed up. Well done!!!!
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