Turkey Seasons

Discussion in 'Iowa Long Beard Conference' started by risto2351, May 16, 2019.

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    Well said Muddy. As like you I did not even get out this year for myself until 4th season. I try to get the whole family a bird before I go out. I like the kids getting 2 weekends and I like the season going into mid May. If you want to hunt grouped up turkeys like the youth hunters Nebraska opens up in March and they have a ton of birds! :) I have hunted every season for turkeys in all types of weather! Every season has it's positives and negatives.
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    Just for some history on the youth season:
    2005 - 2011: 3 day season, licenses do not carry over
    2012-2013: 9 day season, licenses do not carry over
    2014-2018: 9 day season, licenses do carry over
    2019: 3 day season, licenses do carry over.

    Those who started with youth 2014 and after, see this as a take-away, which it is. But, the 3 day with carry over option is still way better than the 3 day season my boys had from 2005 to 2011 with no carry over.

    Regarding the sport booming, the numbers don't show it. The following is for Spring seasons. The number of youth tags purchased and total tags purchased decreased 2 consecutive years (2016 to 2017 and 2017 to 2018). I don't have access to 2019 purchased tags info.

    The total harvest was also down those 2 years and is down again this year. 11,701 down to 11,387.

    If you want the seasons changed, the best option is to attend the DNR meetings in February.
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    I enjoy hunting them off of the roost. Its also easier to get away to hunt from 5-8 while the wife and kids are sleeping. I’ve taken youth for about 6 years now and haven’t had a problem getting them birds but I don’t hunt public. My kids aren’t old enough to hunt yet but I can’t imagine being upset that I couldn’t hunt because I was trying to get them one. I took an adult friend this year to kill one before I got mine and once I was tagged out I went with friends. I enjoy the whole experience and interaction of turkey hunting and honestly could care less who pulls the trigger as long as I’m out there. Kids these days are so involved in sports and other activities at such young ages that if you want to hunt you’re going to have to make time for it no matter when the season starts and ends. I’m all for giving the youngsters first chance but if they can’t make time for it then maybe it isn’t that important to them. Let little Johnny or sally skip a practice or a game or pull them from a morning of school if they want to hunt. 3 days of the woods to themselves plus all 4 seasons is more than enough time to get it done.

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    It honestly doesnt effect me one way or the other and I'm all for getting youth involved, but Bowtech and Rjack nailed it in my opinion. Back in the day for Turkey and deer you got your youth season and that was that. 3 days for Turkey and 16 for deer. Now the tags carry over so I have a hard time feeling like they are getting the short end of the stick. They are super busy and have loads of activities to choose from, but that isnt something new in my opinion.
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    Please don’t make assumptions about me. You do not know anything about me or how good of an outdoorsman I am. And I’m not going well to list accomplishments to you. I never was looking for a handout and don’t know where you came up with that. On my sons 4 hunts on public ground this spring we walked nearly 10 miles, so don’t preach to me about handouts.

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