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Discussion in 'Gear and Equipment' started by StickersNKickers, Nov 13, 2018.

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    Hey guys. Just wondering what gloves you guys are using for different temps. I have a pair of UA base layer gloves that I use throughout the season and put other heavier gloves over top for colder weather. I currently have a pair of glommits with thinsulate (unsure on grams of thinsulate and brand), but have to take them off to handle my bow for a shot. Also have various other midweight gloves and picked up a pair of ragwool gloves to try out this year. Have to take most of these off for a shot, at least from my release hand. Also have a hand muff with thinsulate, but again unsure of grams or brand. I will put a hand warmer in this if needed. I can usually keep my hands relatively warm by using the base layer with either the glommits or the hand warmer, until I have to take my hands out. Just wondering if there is a better system to look into. Thanks!
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    I generally use real thin gloves and keep my hands in my pockets with hand warmers till a deer comes. Last late season I wore a thicker pair of North face-fleece gloves that I can shoot my release with comfortably. I still keep my hands in my pockets with hand warmers, but anytime I'm using my binocs or grab my bow, my hands get cold fast, and they get wet from condensation, so it's not ideal I've used the muff gloves that fold over in the past, but I was never a huge fan of them with how much they let cold in.

    This year I'm looking out for a nice pair of mittens that cut the wind and are quiet. My plan is to find a big pair that I can wear on my non-release hand when I shoot and just ditch the release hand mitten quickly before the shot. We'll see how it works out!

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