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Recent content by 2.5YR8

  1. 2.5YR8

    The "orange army"

    My 1st experience deer hunting was part of a group of mostly family. We hunted the same properties that my grandpa started hunting when deer hunting was reestablished in the 50s/60s. Over the years fewer of us continued to make the trip as we aged and moved away. Sadly it sounds like last year...
  2. 2.5YR8

    About to be a bunch of Magic happening

    Good luck everyone. My vacation was supposed to start Monday and last 7 days. Thanks to some unforeseen issues at work not only did my vacation days get cancelled it looks like I'll be working OT most days for the next 2 weeks.
  3. 2.5YR8

    Story/Boone County Area

    Boone County public is good as far as public goes. I spent ten years over there hunting only public. If you can avoid the people you can find really good deer. The deer in my avatar was a Boone County deer I chased for three years. My brother eventually shot it in 2018.
  4. 2.5YR8

    Acorns to Oaks!

    I have a 5 gallon bucket full of swamp white acorns my dad collected from the trees in his yard. I put some in pots today, and have a bunch of tree tubes on the way for the rest. I've planted and fenced a few trees here and there, but this is my 1st attempt at a large scale project starting from...
  5. 2.5YR8

    Daughter's 1st Deer

    My 9 year old killed her 1st deer Friday night. We sat 4 times and she had deer in range every sit, but we couldn't get her set up and comfortable in time before they moved off. This doe cooperated and came in perfect to 15 yards.
  6. 2.5YR8


    Every spring and fall for a week or so we have an Osprey that hangs around the pond. He always sits on the same dead branch in an oak tree, and brings any fish he catches back to it. They are an impressive looking bird.
  7. 2.5YR8

    Best and worst cheap trail cams.

    I had a Stealth Cam I liked and used for 5 years. I bought 4 more and they all quit within a year, all with different issues. My dependable 1 is junk now too it keeps getting moisture in the lens. We switched to Moultries last year and didn't really have any issues. Now we have the same issue...
  8. 2.5YR8

    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    My daughter ended up shooting a doe Friday evening. We sat 4 different times and she had chances to shoot a deer every sit. She had the time of her life, and I probably had the most fun of any hunting I've done myself. She's already talking about next year. When I get some time I'll post up some...
  9. 2.5YR8

    Favorite antler characteristics

    My favorites are tall, heavy, and long beamed typicals. I have a clean 8 over 150, now just need a 10 over 160, and a 12 over 170. I don't mind them having junk, but I like it to be symmetrical. split 2's, double drops, etc. Luckily for me I'm not picky and any old ugly buck at 20 yards is in...
  10. 2.5YR8

    Youth Hunter Tactics, goals, ideas, etc???

    I'll be taking my 8 yr old for the 1st time this year. I have her shooting a muzzle loader with 60 grains of 777, and using open sights. She's pretty solid out to 50 yards with it. She has sat with me a few times bow hunting and turkey hunting, and has shot some squirrels with her pellet gun...
  11. 2.5YR8

    Terrific Two’s! & some three’s u like to see!

    The area I've moved to seems to have a proclivity for producing typical 6x frames by the time they hit 2/3. These were all from last year, plus a couple more I can't find at the moment. .
  12. 2.5YR8

    Terrific Two’s! & some three’s u like to see!

    This 1 yr old caught my eye last year. Edit . . . added photo
  13. 2.5YR8

    Pumpkins/ squash

    Mine are doing pretty well. I have to water them a few times a week, but there are tons of blossoms. Besides being dry the only other real issue is foxtail.
  14. 2.5YR8

    Target bucks

    I just put some cams out on Weds. and have a couple more to put out. I'll hopefully find out in a couple weeks what's still around.
  15. 2.5YR8

    Fall Food plot seed

    I've only bought white clover. I didn't have any issues with it, but can't really compare it to anything else. The only other clover I've planted was from PF. I plan on trying more, but what I've noticed in the Marshalltown Theisen's at least is that they struggle to keep seed in the bins...
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