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Recent content by bowman

  1. bowman

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    My goodness, that is a buck we all dream about. Congratulations!
  2. bowman

    4 Point Disappointment

    Definitely a stray from the original poster’s point but…… Point systems and the resulting point creep are a broken system in my opinion. They help only those that got in early, in most states anyway. How do I tell my 15 year old son to start spending money to buy points, in Colorado for...
  3. bowman

    EHD Survivors?

    My sons buck had one too. It was darker than the one in your photo, but he had it. Strange!
  4. bowman

    Colorado Hunters Beware......

    Hey guys, the push for introducing wolves into Colorado has been gaining momentum and it will now be going to a ballot vote in reasonably near future for Colorado residents. If you hunt Colorado, or know people who enjoy their recreational activities in Colorado, listen to this podcast and...
  5. bowman

    Been awhile......

    My landowner found him and I haven't seen him in person. The pics he took made him look much smaller than he looked standing there that day. I guessed him 180's but the photos of him dead made him look 170's. Hoping to hold it someday soon so I know.
  6. bowman

    Been awhile......

    After setting a lofty goal for myself in 2016, three seasons passed without a buck harvest. My goal was to harvest a buck that would outscore my biggest buck. The problem........ I haven't seen one. The reality is that no matter how old a buck gets, he may never be a high scorer. But an old buck...
  7. bowman

    19-20 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Team 14...... Its been a busy week! I shot this buck on November 29th, Black Friday, then went straight back to work. Sorry for the 5 day delay in posting. 143 6/8"
  8. bowman

    Shoulder mount ideas

    Mine is for sure not a McKenzie, it is the Coombs 9500 form. I looked at the McKenzies but really like this one better.
  9. bowman

    Shoulder mount ideas

    It is a wall pedestal mount but my taxidermist alternated it to give me a full pedestal.
  10. bowman

    Shoulder mount ideas

    I've got a buck mounted on a Joe Combs 9500 on a pedestal. Not turned as hard as the McKenzie but with the pedestal the turn can be adjusted.
  11. bowman

    19-20 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Appologies to team 14. I shot 2 does Thursday afternoon but had company coming over. In the rush I completely forgot to take photos. Sorry! Still on the quest for my target buck. Hoping to make up for it.
  12. bowman

    19-20 Team Contest Sign Up

    Been on vacation then elk hunting. If I'm not too late, count me in#!
  13. bowman

    Deer classic pics??? Can u all post em??

    More.... To include the worship service and Colton Dixon concert.
  14. bowman

    Deer classic pics??? Can u all post em??

    We enjoyed the Classic Friday night and Sunday. Some of the highlights for us were catching up with Larry and Marcia Zach, the worship service Sunday morning at 9:15 in a seminar room, the trophy walls, and heading from the Classic to the Iowa Wolfs game to await the Colton Dixon Concert. Great...
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