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Recent content by breckhawk

  1. breckhawk

    Pickup hoist

    I'm in the same boat here. Love the swivel piece. Use it a couple times a season at least. I will load the buck on the ranger with it...take it out of the hitch and throw it in the back with the buck...then back the ranger into the garage. Put it back on and skin/hang the deer from it...
  2. breckhawk

    Smokeless muzzle loaders in Iowa.

    I have had a bolt SML for about 4 years. Most of the work was done by Arrowhead but I posted the 'build' on this site. Like IBH above its the most accurate gun I own. Also by far the most expensive. That said...I'm not the best shot...so thats not saying much. It's still one shot. You...
  3. breckhawk

    The End to a Four Month Saga

    Very nice Ishi! About 6 years ago I had a very similar thing happen. Shot a nice buck that ended up going 155". Made a marginal shot and trailed him for awhile. Backed out and searched off and on for 2 weeks. Spent countless hours scouring through aerial photos and just trying to picture...
  4. breckhawk

    Land prices / insane!!!

    If I own Microsoft and Apple stock...by proxy I am part owner in this ground. I should have full hunting rights to it all!!!
  5. breckhawk

    Shed season over: I found IT!!!

    I suddenly have the itch to make a katana sword with an elk spike handle. That is one sweet letter opener!
  6. breckhawk

    Winke bought a new Farm!

    Biggest buck I ever saw on the hoof was on Thanksgiving. Only single time I ever saw him. Evaded all cam locations. I'm a firm believer in next week. Problem is I have 2 kids birthdays and 2 separate Thanksgiving parties that week every year! ARRRGGGHHHH! :)
  7. breckhawk

    Cams still slow

    Slowest year in the Loess Hills I can remember to this point. My 2 target bucks disappeared around Oct 25. Usually i have a lot of transients on cam the last 2 weeks. Nothing but a couple resident basket 8's. I sat in my best stand for 6 hours Wed AM and didn't see a single buck. That...
  8. breckhawk

    Best Late Season Food Sources???

    Beans, Beans, the magical fruit...the colder it gets...the more you'll shoot
  9. breckhawk

    Iowa Timber rattle snakes- Seem to be on the rise?

    I'm with you. I don't mind a big ole bullsnake...but things with venom...no thanks.
  10. breckhawk

    New use for an old product

    If you are ever really in a pinch with no warmers...the armpit or between the cheeks method also works well.
  11. breckhawk

    Foggy Morning Clean Decap

    Holy crap
  12. breckhawk

    1st September Buck back from Taxi

    What a beautiful cape! Congrats!
  13. breckhawk

    2021 TeenageHunter's Adventure Log

    Straight up awesome. Living the dream. Most people don't have the brains or balls to do this (I know I don't). Tip of the cap to ya.
  14. breckhawk

    I tried to build a water hole

    I don't think people realize how dynamite this technique is. Especially in areas that don't have a lot of natural water around. The ones I have out aren't very big and I even dug them out with a shovel. Wasn't too bad. You can usually find someone selling one of these big plastic ponds...
  15. breckhawk

    Turkey Hunting - Something to Consider

    Man this is scary. Makes me not want to hunt public or near a road anymore!
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