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Recent content by bwese

  1. bwese

    Tree Planting

    I did a trial test on some that after 3 years in tubes, after removing tubes, I placed 3 electric fence posts around the trunks of several and left several "naked", none of the trees with posts were rubbed but many of the others were. I will be putting electric fence posts around ones I for sure...
  2. bwese

    Tree Planting

    ouc Ouch but those willows will be a good quick fix and I'm sure you'll have cedar backing them no time.
  3. bwese

    question on use of oust xp

    My plan is to go with your suggestion of August hammer time(mow as short as possible, wait a couple weeks, gly bomb it, and drill.. I may do a light oust dusting in April and then in August do the above. I can only plant what the biologist says I can plant. alfalfa, red clover, and oats...
  4. bwese

    Building my wall

    that'll be a good one.
  5. bwese

    question on use of oust xp

    There is also a logistics problem with the farm I'm doing this on being 3 hrs away. I can't just be there at the drop of a hat on days that are best for spraying ect. It has to fit into work schedule. With the crp I'm installing on my farms where I live I have my hands full until May 1st. I...
  6. bwese

    A recommendation for easy planting of seedlings in heavy clay

    Thank you Skip. I will try to remember to take some pics. The plowed area for the crp tree planting is going into a corn field but the cedar and miscanthus screens are going into a clover plot edge. The plow broke the soil well but left the clover alive in the plow line. I'm going to 24d the...
  7. bwese

    question on use of oust xp

    Thank you Skip. I appreciate your thoughts. I was thinking the lowest rate as well. The reason I'm not doing it now is that is heavy with brome and nwsg. I don't believe I can get a good enough kill this spring to allow the clover and alfalfa to do well. The nrcs guy wants me to also wait...
  8. bwese

    A recommendation for easy planting of seedlings in heavy clay

    I am planting 1450 trees and shrubs next week in a crp project. The nrcs office gave me instructions that I had to rototill the rows for planting to make a better planting bed. I rented one and tilled last November. In my opinion one can't get it deep enough to what it should be for best...
  9. bwese

    question on use of oust xp

    I am pondering if I can use oust xp to kill everything in the firebreak zone of my new crp and then plant in Sept with oats, clover, and alfalfa. I can't find anything on how long the residual is but did find on the label is says grasses can be planted 3 months after application. So, to me oats...
  10. bwese

    CRP General Sign-up

    Deerdown, I think you have to own the land for a year before enrolling in crp but check for sure.
  11. bwese

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Thank you IBO83
  12. bwese

    Hunting My First Missouri Firearms Opener

    Congrats on a great wife, hunt, and buck. That's a fine gift for giving up 30 years of opening weekend. Keep on enjoying retirement.
  13. bwese

    Helping deer over winter.....

    2.5yr8, We had a doe like that here for ten years. She was one tough gal. I had same rule on her, no one could shoot her. She raised a few fawns into winter. I would clear snow off of clover plots for the deer but probably more so for her. Just a heads up for those clearing areas of your...
  14. bwese

    Show on all habitat, conservation, building a farm - no deer hunts - any interest?

    Sounds like a great show to watch if one wants to improve their farms and their hunting.
  15. bwese


    WOW, good luck on him this next fall.
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