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Recent content by Copenhagen Tob

  1. Copenhagen Tob

    Dad scores a good one!

    Congrats, the work is paying for itself
  2. Copenhagen Tob

    Slump Buster!!!

    Great animal, congrats
  3. Copenhagen Tob

    Pig on the loose

  4. Copenhagen Tob

    Iowa buck

    Nice animal, congrats
  5. Copenhagen Tob

    Ever get to the point

  6. Copenhagen Tob

    11/12 Buck

    Cool pic , great deer
  7. Copenhagen Tob

    The Grind is over

    Good work, congrats
  8. Copenhagen Tob

    Heavy 10 down

    Super heavy, great animal, congrats
  9. Copenhagen Tob

    Late November Bow Buck- fun hunt!!

    That's awesome animal, congrats
  10. Copenhagen Tob

    Starting to think cell cams….

    Wait what when did that become illegal, on a side note:, I may have chopper for sale
  11. Copenhagen Tob

    11/20/22 buck

    Heavy heavy bases. Congrats on a great animal
  12. Copenhagen Tob

    2022 IA public land 8 point

    Great animal, sounds like you put the work in, congrats
  13. Copenhagen Tob

    2022 buck

    Congrats, that's a cool heavy old buck
  14. Copenhagen Tob

    2022 bow buck!

    Congrats, sounds like a pretty cool hunt
  15. Copenhagen Tob

    No Limt

    Congrats on a great animal, nice work on catching up with that old warrior
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