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Recent content by Copenhagen Tob

  1. Copenhagen Tob

    I fell…..

    Hope you have a speedy recovery
  2. Copenhagen Tob

    TheMadCatter’s 2022 Adventure Thread

    You're like the energizer bunny, great work
  3. Copenhagen Tob

    Skid loaders?

    I've operated a lot of skidloaders, ASV is hands down the best track machine on the market, best ride excellent reliability
  4. Copenhagen Tob

    Equipment rentals

    Any damage done to the tracks. Tires or machine is usually not included in rental price, an unfamiliar operator can cost themselves a lot of money on a decent skidloader, just food for thought
  5. Copenhagen Tob

    War on coyotes!!!

    I get the whole other's will take their place , but the dead ones aren't a threat anymore, a coyote killed today won't be eating veal venison in May
  6. Copenhagen Tob

    Last day

    Been playing cat and mouse with the top management 6 yr old , hopefully I pick the right blind this afternoon, good luck to everyone still out there
  7. Copenhagen Tob


    Congrats on you're purchase, There's nothing better than giving back to the animals we love the most
  8. Copenhagen Tob

    Alex and his Bushmaster

    That's great congrats
  9. Copenhagen Tob

    Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck

    Awesome. Congrats
  10. Copenhagen Tob

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    Whatever happened to good Ole country ass whoopins or the fear of, just sayin
  11. Copenhagen Tob

    Short Season-My Lifetime Buck

    Congrats great animal
  12. Copenhagen Tob

    Halloween Buck

    Great animal, congrats
  13. Copenhagen Tob

    2021 Archery Buck

    Great animal, congrats
  14. Copenhagen Tob

    Ground kill

    Congrats , great work
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