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Recent content by Crab Claws 12

  1. Crab Claws 12

    Couple firsts for me

    I had the decoy mounted on my stabilizer. Crawled right at him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Crab Claws 12

    Couple firsts for me

    I got about 25 yards from him for the shot Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Crab Claws 12

    Couple firsts for me

    Shot my first deer with a long bow. And shot my first buck behind the heads up decoy. Hunting them on the ground eye to eye is intense! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Crab Claws 12

    Mature deer

    Congrats Zach! Great buck! Is not all about the head gear.
  5. Crab Claws 12

    Team Contest

    Sounds fun. I’m in.
  6. Crab Claws 12

    2017 Wyoming Pronghorn Hunt

    Went on my first pronghorn antelope hunt in Wyoming this year. What a blast we had chasing these weary goats! I was lucky enough to tag a nice buck and a doe, my buddy also tagged an awesome buck. 2017 antelope camp.
  7. Crab Claws 12

    2016 Trad Harvest

    This year I committed to hunting with the stick bow again for the challenge and satisfaction I get from hunting with trad gear. I have a favorite tree I like to hunt on south wind days and it produced again for me, I sat it Saturday the 5th from sun up till sun down saw some good action around...
  8. Crab Claws 12

    Owen's first deer

    Congratulations Owen! You will always remember that first deer.
  9. Crab Claws 12

    Elite E35

    Bow is sold
  10. Crab Claws 12

    Elite E35

    Still for sale $550 OBO.
  11. Crab Claws 12

    Elite E35

    I have a 2014 Elite E35 for sale, Ninja Black, New Custom Blaze Orange Strings, the bow has 60lb limbs 30" draw. I used this bow mainly for indoor shoots and 3D its in very good condition, bow only. Asking $600 OBO. PM me or call (641)420-0826.
  12. Crab Claws 12

    A Buck From Every County?

    Worth county buck Here is my Worth county buck from a couple years ago.
  13. Crab Claws 12

    10-4-2015 Iowa Bow Buck

    Congrats TH. Sweet buck! How many arrow did you put through him?
  14. Crab Claws 12

    Gun Buck

    Congrats Liv! Nice public land buck, sounds like you earned him!
  15. Crab Claws 12


    Sound like a dead deer to me. If there is no exit hole from that angle you may not have much of a blood trail to fallow. If you cought the top of the lungs he will not go far.
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