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Recent content by doublerack

  1. doublerack

    The buck named Carter- 10-03-2019

    What an absolute stud! Good shot too! Congrats!
  2. doublerack

    Got it done 11/14/2019

    Such a cool buck! Can’t wait to check that rack and skull out. Congrats buddy!
  3. doublerack

    Early November success

    Good job! Congrats again Jess!
  4. doublerack

    Late November buck.

    Awesome! Nice shooting Brent. Congrats!
  5. doublerack

    Been awhile......

    Awesome! Congrats Wayne!
  6. doublerack

    Which Does to shoot?

    If I’m doe hunting, I’m shooting anything. Fawn or Grandma. If a group walks in, I start with what I think is the oldest most mature and shoot her first. All that being said, after about Oct 20, I won’t shoot any does again until late season. (Late season vs Early season doe management. That’s...
  7. doublerack

    “RIB CAGE” - 7-8 year old....

    Yea Buddy!
  8. doublerack

    Same Buck? Age?

    is he a shooter now? I think this guys time has come. He's 5 this year and should end up as decent buck. Here he is last year. This year.
  9. doublerack

    wonder buck

    Well, I held out hope my old friend would join us this year. Sadly, he never showed. The last picture I got of him was 2014 right after he shed his velvet. When I saw him in the winter, his leg was in really bad shape flopping all around. I never found him dead when out shed hunting, but I...
  10. doublerack

    LW Stand Wanted

    Stand acquired. Thanks Onecam
  11. doublerack

    LW Stand Wanted

    PM me if anyone has a LW hang on they want to sell.
  12. doublerack

    The stats support what many have already seen regarding our winged feathered friends

    We planted 68 acres of CRP on the farm 5 years ago. The results we're immediate. That fall it turned into a pheasant sanctuary. If you plant it, they will come!
  13. doublerack

    Any hard horn yet?

    I have 5 bucks hard horned so far.
  14. doublerack

    First pull

    I'm liking what I'm seeing there Matt.
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