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Recent content by ElkHunter

  1. ElkHunter

    HSB 158 Crossbows in late archery season

    HSB158 Crossbow (M) - Under current law, a crossbow is a legal method of take when hunting deer during the late muzzleloader season, during bow season if the hunter is over the age of 70, or by certain individuals who are incapable of using a bow and arrow under the conditions in which a bow...
  2. ElkHunter

    Using dogs while fur harvesting HF 2174

    Not sure who posted on Facebook. Rep Bacon with his comments https://www.facebook.com/groups/548993659039349/permalink/550122238926491/
  3. ElkHunter

    New dog tracking bill HF363

    I truly appreciate you and your groups passion. I'll repeat details are important, fill in the blank legislation sometimes doesn't work out...
  4. ElkHunter

    New dog tracking bill HF363

    Who will do the certification? How will it be funded? Sometimes details are important.
  5. ElkHunter

    SSB 1221 Another Public land Bill

    SSB 1221 We now have an anti-public land bill in the senate to fight. It is much more subtly written but prevents public land acquisition. It even specifically mentions water control structures for flood and water quality purposes...
  6. ElkHunter

    Using a light source to hunt coyotes SF374

    Nate's reply is exactly what he said at meeting. Rep. Cournoyer voted in favor.
  7. ElkHunter

    Allowing adult children to hunt on family farms HF219 Corrected link and title

    :) I could add more but won't. You get the gist of what was said.
  8. ElkHunter

    New dog tracking bill HF363

    Full Natural Resources Committee on Monday
  9. ElkHunter

    Allowing adult children to hunt on family farms HF219 Corrected link and title

    Yes I deleted the post, wrong Joe. I apologize, Sr. moment.
  10. ElkHunter

    Using a light source to hunt coyotes SF374

    Please send emails to the three listed above. It would be nice when I attend the sub committee tomorrow, that they hear from enough people that they stamp a big NO on it without saying a word.
  11. ElkHunter

    Using a light source to hunt coyotes SF374

    Poachers dream is correct; But officer I'm just out coyote hunting
  12. ElkHunter

    Land owner tags

    I agree with Bonker and will add you should read new paragraph and explanation to HF 218 16 NEW PARAGRAPH . f. If a nonresident fails to take a deer 17 during the season being hunted, the person may use an unfilled 18 tag in a subsequent deer hunting season using the method of 19 take...
  13. ElkHunter

    How legislation is passed

    How Are Laws Made / Legislation Passed The bills that were carried over from last year’s calendar can be reassigned. The bills that made it through committee last year are still alive until disposed of this session. Either the bills die or they go back through the sub-committee process and...
  14. ElkHunter

    HF 631 Fee increase

    · 32 – average Corn Suitability Rating (CSR) of public lands Average CSR rating for Iowa farmland is 87. There's no way to make a living raising crops on land with a CSR rating of 32. Sorry FB · $2,258 – FY17 average purchase price per acre for public lands · $7,326 – 2017 statewide average...
  15. ElkHunter

    HF 2108 changes definition of what is and isn't bait for deer and sets distances from baited areas.

    PERSONAL OPINION I don't like bait or mineral, any time or any place. PERSONAL OPINION
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