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Recent content by Fishbonker

  1. Fishbonker

    Brassica Fertilizer

    Some pics of Welters' results: This brassicas mix was planted in a drought. I don't think you need to worry about germination rates. Plus if you give Welters your "recipe" they will mix it for you. Correct me if I'm wrong, but on that label pictured above it appears it was tested 7 years...
  2. Fishbonker

    Rhino 660

    Sold it.
  3. Fishbonker

    Rhino 660

    Sold it. Thanks for looking.
  4. Fishbonker

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    Link to the Administrative Rules that the NRC made in response to HF716 that was signed by the Governor June 18th, 2020: LINK TO ADMINISTRATIVE RULES ENABLING HF7I6 Sections 5&6 pertain to rifles. Copy and paste of 2021-2022 Hunting Regulations Booklet: RIFLES: Rifles firing straight wall...
  5. Fishbonker

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    That is a link to the legislation, I'm looking for a link to the administrative rules the legislation requires the NRC to make. Our friend Arec stated that the law was written pretty tight, and it was, but I'm hoping the NRC found a away through the rule making process that would allow...
  6. Fishbonker

    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    Wow, miss a week, miss a lot. If some one can post the new rules the NRC has made on this subject I'd like to see them. The legislation has indeed passed but I'm not 100% sure the NRC has made rules. I've been watching the NRC meeting agendas and haven't seen it on the agenda. Doesn't mean it...
  7. Fishbonker

    AZ bans trail cams

    TRAIL CAM BAN LINK I don't know if anyone has seen this, it is for both public and private lands. Some interesting points.
  8. Fishbonker

    2021 wrap up

    110% true. Everyone that took the time to call write or personally see their representatives deserve a huge THANK YOU from all the sportsmen and women in Iowa.
  9. Fishbonker

    2021 wrap up

    Here is a brief synopsis of the bills that had threads. HJR8/SJR16 The right to hunt, fish trap and harvest wildlife This was a proposed amendment to Iowa’s constitution. Neither bill made it to a full committee. It is a perennial bill and it will return. HSB 157 Using dogs while fur...
  10. Fishbonker

    Session ends

    The first session of 89th General Assembly came to a close last night (5/19/21) at 2345. I'll go through the legislation from this thread and try to put together a synopsis of what did and didn't pass. It may take a day or two. Stay tuned.
  11. Fishbonker


    The Iowa Fish and Game Conservation Officers Association is part of the The Iowa State Police Officers Council. This bill, SF581, is still in the House. It has yet to have a subcommittee assigned. For all intents and purposes and barring any last minute maneuvering this bill will not move this...
  12. Fishbonker

    Minnesota fishing opener

    That looks like a lotta fun.
  13. Fishbonker

    HF 147 Non-ambulatory method of take

    This bill passed as amended. It will be sent to the Governor for her signature.
  14. Fishbonker

    HF 23 Dog tracking clean up bill

  15. Fishbonker

    New use for an old product

    I took that morning off so Bwana Tenring Kokolamma Sherpa could hunt instead of carry my stuff. He did carry me up the hill so I could take the picture though. Since it was down hill I just rolled my way down. It wasn't the rolling that hurt, it was the big tree that stopped me.
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