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Recent content by Forestryguy

  1. F

    Broken Blind

    You can order just the poles and fix those yourself.
  2. F

    NAP Killzones

    Anyone use new out of the package Killzones this past year? I have heard that some people have had issues with blades breaking on the newer BHs. In foam targets, not in animals or on rocks. Wanting info to see if I need to find some old ones that were stockpiled by someone or look for a new BH.
  3. F

    Hot Deals Thread!

    Sold out already.
  4. F

    CWD Question

    The only time that a dumpster is available to discard of carcasses in Allamakee is during shotgun and the Sample Collection period. I would like to see one there through all the seasons. The company that has the contract for county waste disposal is out of Wisconsin and will not take carcasses...
  5. F

    Wireless Trail Cameras

    When I looked on Spartans web site a few months ago they had additional antennas that could be purchased. If I remember right some of them had cords that you could run up a tree, or possibly hook together, to get signals up higher. Possibly clearing topography for better signals and also help...
  6. F

    Iowa City Urban bowhunt

    When is this meeting? I could not catch it at the end and player kept replaying commercials. I know this is a huge uphill argument to persuade people with different views. But as hunters we need to show and prove to people that the herd numbers can be controlled with very little cost to tax...
  7. F

    Flashlights for Blood Tracking

    Look at the newer head lamps with LED bulbs. Petzel has a new line out that the head "band" is a coated wire that winds up and takes up no space in a pack. For really difficult tracking jobs, I am going back to get the Coleman lantern.
  8. F

    US Cellular Spartan Cams

    Can anyone comment on Spartan cameras with US Cellular service? I looked through older posts but most mentioned Verizon and AT&T. The other I saw that US Cellular was offering a plan for these cameras and $5 a month. These cameras have been out for a few years now, and wondering how the...
  9. F

    Sitka vs IWOM

    I have not done anything on this yet. Haven't really needed it yet, although next week looks like the begging of winter. Since I do not plan to hunt Second season I may go ahead and order one.
  10. F

    Sitka vs IWOM

    Sorry, been to busy to get on here and reply. HBS seems like to much movement to get ready for a shot to me. I am thinking that I am going to order the IWOM and try it out. They have a money back guarantee.
  11. F

    Sitka vs IWOM

    Anyone have experience comparing these two "systems"? I am trying to decide between the two. TIA.
  12. F

    New truck registration costs?!?!

    Are you purchasing through a dealer in WI? When I bought my truck new, I had to pay the WI tax and then the dealer had to cut me a check for it back. I think I am remembering this right. It was a PIA.
  13. F

    Safety Harness

    I just bought my first lifelines last night. Hanging a stand on Sunday and realized how much of a pain it was going to be if I had to carry a second lineman's belt and double strap myself and undo one to get past a large forked limb. The tree also leans back towards me when climbing. I will be...
  14. F

    What now.....?

    My best friend has gone through this in his family. His Uncle shot, wounded and lost several good deer. He acted as if it was no big deal. End of story, he is no longer welcome to hunt their property.
  15. F

    Deer stands on public land

    You can not trim branches or lanes.
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