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Recent content by IowaBowHunter1983

  1. IowaBowHunter1983

    Smokeless muzzle loaders in Iowa.

    I feel pretty comfortable saying my bolt gun shoots 1/2 MOA.
  2. IowaBowHunter1983

    Smokeless muzzle loaders in Iowa.

    I've got both a TC conversion and a custom bolt gun on Rem 700. Different animals but both have pros and cons. My bolt gun is the most accurate gun I have, including all my rifles.
  3. IowaBowHunter1983

    “The Land Podcast” link & Iowawhitetail discussion….

    Just wrote this out.... For me it's been 55,% private, 45% listed last 7 years. That dynamic has changed dramatically and not sustainable numbers. Best deal I ever bought was litterally at a bar on a napkin. True story.
  4. IowaBowHunter1983

    “The Land Podcast” link & Iowawhitetail discussion….

    I agree with that sentiment 100%. Just look at how many land agents/companies have popped up in the last 10 years. It's CRAZY.
  5. IowaBowHunter1983

    Tree puller vs. shears

    Shears have their place... example remnant prairie that has cedars. Shearing... Zero soil disturbance.... no concern of a stump causing issues later. Most applications.... puller better.
  6. IowaBowHunter1983


    I wouldn't spray 2,4d in 2 weeks. Now.... spray away
  7. IowaBowHunter1983


    You'll be fine. Soil temps were very slow to come around this spring. I don't expect to see switch till June.
  8. IowaBowHunter1983


    150' bridge?!
  9. IowaBowHunter1983

    Land prices / insane!!!

    $1,000.... umm ya no shortage of suitors
  10. IowaBowHunter1983

    Land prices / insane!!!

    That's awesome! You an outlier in that regard. Nothing wrong with either approach if done sensibly
  11. IowaBowHunter1983

    Turkey population…

    Turkey populations being down is fake news in my world
  12. IowaBowHunter1983


    Absolutely OK.
  13. IowaBowHunter1983

    Deer herd

    That many deer.... no food left come shed time.
  14. IowaBowHunter1983

    Deer herd

    I have a farm that looks just like that late season. 100 deer a night in beans. It's a problem.
  15. IowaBowHunter1983

    What to plant?

    limestone :)
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