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Recent content by Jbohn

  1. Jbohn

    Last years target buck is back, video

    Good One !!
  2. Jbohn

    A Giant Goes Down…..

    I hope Skips brother isn't in the deer contest or hope hes on my team :)
  3. Jbohn

    What broadheads you use?

    G5 DeadMeat , fly true and have never had a problem . Mathew Vertix 70lbs Easton Axis
  4. Jbohn

    “Hunting shows” - net positive or negative?

    I will say I learned a lot watching the Drury's 13 DVD a few years back made sense to me and did change the way I hunted a good bit . I haven't watched a hunting show on TV in a few years. Midwest Whitetail chasing November was good online I thought . I also watched a DVD whitetail...
  5. Jbohn

    Happy Birthday Skip!!!!

    Happy B-Day !!! Skip always appreciate the help. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Jbohn

    Apple/Pear Trees

    Pear Tree !! Planted this tree 6 years ago . First year with pears loaded . Limbs almost touching the ground . Not sure if thats good or bad :) sure Proud of myself .. they are still very hard . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jbohn

    2021-22 Team Contest Sign Up

    1. Birddown101 2. buckhunter92 3. Hardwood11 4. Entropyfx 5. Chadw. 6. Hillrunner 7. Elvis188 8.Jbohn
  8. Jbohn


    No Sir , Just spread the seed you do not want to disturb the soil ... Freeze Thaw will work it in ..
  9. Jbohn

    Spraying turnips

    Spray GRASS with Clethodim .
  10. Jbohn


    You think it would work if I smoked with herbicide and just ran my brillion over it to plant seed ? Not breaking ground up ?
  11. Jbohn

    Bigger antlers in years with right weather ....

    I agree on the growing season impacting antler growth for sure 100% , I personally feel rain has a lot to do with it , Wet years produce better Antlers IMO , as far as regional I don't really have experience to base off of most places . I live in Maryland and hunt my farm in Illinois...
  12. Jbohn


    Quinclorac is rainfast within an hour meaning it will remain on the plant even if it were to rain rather than washing off. ... Be sure to check the product label to see the level of tolerance your desired grass can take as some vegetation is more tolerant of Quinclorac than others.
  13. Jbohn

    Genesis Drill Review

    Have wanted to get (3) series but with my 30 horse tractor not sure I can handle it.. so did not . Tractor is rated for the weight by spec but hate to purchase t, hen cant use . what a time saver ..
  14. Jbohn


    Label says before the 2nd tiller stage so if it popping up Id get on it. I have also used Plateau at 4-6 oz a acre on established stand .. It will be clean it up good. ... Thanks
  15. Jbohn

    Roundup Ready Corn & Soybean Food Plot

    I swear the coons wipe out 3 acres on my place .. dig it up before it comes up .. then late they climb up the stalks .. Cant kill enough of them ..
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