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Recent content by JNRBRONC


    Now that necked cartridges are lawful (min .35 - max .5) what will everyone be hunting with this year?

    I get the first part about people taking risky shots, but I doubt the long range ML people are shooting at running deer. Apples and oranges, at least in my experience with ML’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Miscanthus x Gianteus

    Inherited an older Troybilt workhorse and even with it, tilling sod is a challenge. Multiple passes to get things worked up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Charlie - my boy- doubled up doe/buck

    Congrats to Charlie!!

    Heated vest recommendations

    I'm getting ready to join the electric kool-aid crowd! ;)

    Sick Buck & Fragile Antlers

    Best friend shot one during shotgun years ago that was all green and not fit for consumption. I shot one during a shotgun season that I had on trailcam with a festering wound in a rear ham all summer. I called the DNR and they came and picked it up, so I didn't have to burn a tag due to it...

    2021-22 Team Contest Score Thread (Teams)

    Think they waived the weapon pic rule, post up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Big Game Hero Contest!

    Looks like a person needs a FB account? Sorry.

    Iowa Bow hunters survey

    Reminder to get your surveys mailed back in, as the reporting period ends today. Some quick numbers off mine: 23 hunts, 110 hours in the stand, 80 bucks "observed". Lots of those bucks were repeat sightings of yearlings as they milled around in and out of view during long hunts. Never saw...

    The "orange army"

    Zero more days for me, I’m good with the seasons as they now exist. Wish “they” would stop trying to change things. They being legislators and gun lobbyists, and crossbow manufacturers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    When will the Bowmars get what they deserve?

    Lacey Act violations lose your hunting rights nationally and I think some of their interstate charges might be at that level. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The "orange army"

    Band together? If there was an agreement to not add any more seasons, any more methods of take, I might join into that movement. Seems a certain segment will not be happy until any firearm is legal in Iowa. I’m good with others enjoying hunting, just stay on your side of the fence. Sent...

    When will the Bowmars get what they deserve?

    I think the point is with CWD restrictions in place, they posed an Illinois buck next to an Iowa buck. Shouldn’t have been able to do that. They have “bent” many other rules, some of the more serious are yet to be ruled on in court. So not sure they are the “poster people” for the general...

    Shotgun hunting/ hunter harassment question.

    Bow hunting this past week, it sounds like a gun range opened on the 160 north of me. Tons of gunfire and the deer hardly raise their head. Maybe they are used to it? Until they feel the sting of lead or have a slug hit near them, hard for me to think it spooks them as bad as you claim. Maybe...

    Mrs. Edwards strikes twice.

    Nicely done on two beautiful bucks! Congrats.

    Black Friday Buck

    Just takes one to walk by and that one is a dandy! Congrats.
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