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Recent content by john from ny

  1. J

    Help me pick days for 2018

    I hunted Iowa with my buddy the 10th to 19th this past November. I killed my deer on the 12th and my buddy killed on the 14th. It was crazy action from the 10th to 14th where we were in Davis County
  2. J

    2017 Buck

    Beautiful deer...congrats
  3. J

    Iowa 2017

    Thanks for all the nice comments guys. It's always a great time in the Hawkeye State!
  4. J

    Nonresident Draw Results

    I sat on 3 points this year and didn't purchase a 4th. Big mistake. My buddy was unsuccessful for zone 5 with 3 points this year. My other buddy drew with 3 for same zone...
  5. J

    Kansas Unit 15

    I regularly hunt Unit 10 public land. Do not be afraid to hunt the public ground. I have done very well...
  6. J

    Newby headed to Davis County

    I've leased a farm in the northwestern part of Davis County from a buddy since 2002. Davis County has been very good to me during the years I've drawn a tag. I only bowhunt so last time I hunted there was 2012 during the bad EHD year. I still saw plenty of bucks and a few 150" plus deer. Killed...
  7. J

    Zone 5 NR Archery

    In 2012, I drew with 3 preference points. Prior to that in 2008 I drew with 2 preference points. Prior to that in 2005 I drew with 1 preference point. Prior to that in 2003 I drew with 2 preference points. All zone 5 Davis County. The real head scratcher is in 2012, my buddy drew with 2...
  8. J

    Guess gross score

    201"...great deer with great character...
  9. J

    Zone 9 Non-Res. Archery Tag

    Same here...4 years to get zone 5...
  10. J

    Alberta bow kill

    Here is a buck that I killed in 2006 in the famed Edmonton bow zone. This was without a doubt the most difficult whitetail hunt I have ever been on. However, it was one of the most rewarding. The temps were frigid and there was over a foot of snow on the ground the week I was hunting. I killed...
  11. J

    Northeast bow kill

    That's very close to where this buck came from...
  12. J

    Another Northeast bow kill

    2 longest tines over 12" and other 2 over 10"
  13. J

    Another Northeast bow kill

    Here is a buck I hunted for 3 years in Connecticut. Finally caught up to him on the opener of Connecticut bow season in 2009. I killed him on September 15th. He still had a lot of his summer hair. Small bodied deer and was aged at 6 1/2. He's only 14" inside and scores 137 and change. Thanks for...
  14. J

    Northeast bow kill

    I live in New York state close to the Connecticut border and do a fair amount of bow hunting there. Here is one of my best Connecticut bow kills. Not the Midwest but not too bad for the northeast. Thanks for looking.
  15. J

    trail cams

    The new Moultrie m-880 gets really good reviews from trailcampro.com. They are 159.00 but Cabelas has them for 119.00 right now.
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