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Recent content by lowdeuce

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    Iowa city deer hunt.

    118691736_105899681244744_7125803753669584696_n by lowdeuce posted Sep 25, 2020 at 10:58 AM
  2. 118691736_105899681244744_7125803753669584696_n


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    Iowa city deer hunt.

    Looks like the started a go fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/iowa-city-deer-friends
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    Saddle Hunting

    It sounds backwards from what a lot of guys do but it worked for me.
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    Saddle Hunting

    I also talked to Ernie at the tree saddle booth about running a HBS with a saddle. He said he put two slits in his HBs and ran two bridges on his saddle. That way he could stay connected with one bridge, put the HBS on, feed the other bridge through the slits and then disconnect the first...
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    Saddle Hunting

    My feet sweat like crazy when wearing LaCrosse boots, which would cause my feet to freeze when sitting in the stand. This past year I put on a thin liner sock, then a plastic bag and then put my wool sock over the that. I found out that my foot would still sweat, but the plastic bag kept my...
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    Stump blinds

    How much is he asking for them?
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    Cool deer mount

    Here's one that's similar.
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    Sitka Tool bag

    Is it the tool box that is just the pack or is it the tool bucket which allows you to place a stand between the bag and the frame? Jared
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